This Was Brainerd - Sept. 29

A look through the Brainerd Dispatch archives with Terry McCollough combing the microfilm for tidbits of history through the decades going back to 1922.

The 1916 Brainerd police force, pictured here, included the following men: The plain clothes men at either end were Jack Brandt (left) and Ted Nesheim; (front row, left to right) Charles Varner, chief, and Tom Templeton. (Rear, left to right) Erick Graff, Hans Saude and August Swanson. Source: Brainerd Minnesota 1871 - 1971. Reproduced from the Centennial Edition of the Brainerd Daily Dispatch.


20 years ago (2002)

Human remains found along the Crow Wing River north of Staples have been dated at more than 500 years old. Changing river levels and erosion exposed a skull and it was seen by canoeists. The Wadena sheriff's office has one missing person case and wanted to check it out. Carbon dating pegs it at 582 to 712 years old.

30 years ago (1992)

Exotic dancing in the county is headed for a legal challenge. Sheriff Dick Ross told the county board he has received complaints about topless dancing at Pussy Willows, a new nightspot on Hwy 371 North. โ€œI've had many calls about it,โ€ Ross said. He and county attorney Jack Graham are researching the law to prepare for drafting a proposed ordinance to control it, he said.


40 years ago (1982)

The Minn. Supreme Court may have written the last chapter in the controversy over former Police Chief Wayne Hasty by upholding the decision of a three-judge panel demoting him from police chief to patrolman. The events began in November, 1978 with grievances filed against him, and the council demoting him in August, 1979.

60 years ago (1962)

The Warriors, led by the smashing four-TD running of Jerry Chisholm, finally found their offense last night after three games with just a single TD. They topped Staples 47-26 with a strong fourth quarter after being tied 26-26 after three periods. Defensively, Brainerd held Staples to zero yards in that fourth period.

80 years ago (1942)

Service men who have not turned in their sugar ration books since entering the armed forces are warned to turn these books in immediately, by members of the Brainerd Ration Board. Families of men in the service are prohibited from using the books, and there is a penalty for violation.

100 years ago (1922)

Seafield Exploration Co. of Ironton has four men drilling for iron ore in Section 10-44-31 just northeast of Barrows and north of the old Barrows Mine. Resumption of drilling is hailed with joy by residents of Barrows, as well as of her sister city of Brainerd, four miles to the north.


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