The blonde long-haired North Carolinian country man - Bucky Covington - known for his hits "I'll Walk," "Good To Be Us" and his first single and Top 5 hit "A Different World" - will bring his music to the main stage at Lakes Jam at 6 p.m. June 27 at Brainerd International Raceway.

Covington became the best-selling debut artist of the class of 2007, with the best first-week sales and highest Top 200 debut for any male country artist in 15 years, with his first album "A Different World."

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Covington then went on to his second album, "GOOD GUYS" in 2012 and his new single "Buzzin'," written by Brad Hull, was released this month marking his first release as an independent artist.

Covington, who has a 100-acre property just outside of Nashville and is expecting his first child this coming fall, is excited to perform at Lakes Jam. He said the audience will have a great time singing and dancing along with his songs.

"I love seeing people sing along to my songs," said Covington.

People may remember Covington from American Idol, the national TV singing competition show. He auditioned for American Idol in 2005 during the show's fifth season and made it to the Top 10; he took eighth place.

"I was pretty ecstatic when I made it on American Idol," Covington said. Covington auditioned on his own, as well as his identical twin brother, Rocky Covington.

"Rocky wanted to audition together, but I wanted to do it on my own. I didn't want to make it as a twin," Bucky Covington said.

Covington said he was surprised because he was nervous when he was on stage for American Idol, even though he played at many venues prior to the TV show.

He said, "I had a lot of nerves, which I found weird, as I have been on stage before, but it must have been the pressure behind it, but I beat the nerves ... through prayers.

"It was a really good move for me to go on American Idol. It put my face out there and my image ... put it on national television. It was incredible."

Covington said people knew who he was before his music became popular.

"After Idol, I moved to Nashville and went shopping and got a record album," Covington said. "Idol does a lot for you, but it doesn't do everything."

Covington toured with the other finalists from Idol, performing to sold-out arenas in 39 cities across the United States.

Covington said country music has always been his passion. He got into music in middle school, but it wasn't until he was 19 when it hit him that he wanted to be involved in music professionally. The country star was listening to an album by Jeff Healey while living in a typical small apartment with orange carpet, when he began picturing himself on stage.

"I went out the next day and bought a guitar and an amp," Covington said. "... I knew that is what I needed to do. I started to teach myself to play. After about three years I started getting into some bands."

Covington worked hard at everything he did. He continued to work at his father's body shop during the day and then would play with his bands at night. Even when he made American Idol, he said he still had time to run back to the body shop to work.

"Half of the people in my band did not have a job. I always said that is fine because one day when there is a big billboard up it will be my face ... And see it does pay off to load all the equipment," Covington said with a laugh.

"I love country music," he said. "A lot of music changes over the years, but country doesn't die."

Covington said all of his albums have a place, but the one that stands out would be his first single, "A Different World." He had two follow-up Top 10 hits, "It's Good To Be Us" and "I'll Walk," which made him one of just three male artists since 2005 to score three consecutive Top 10 hits from a debut album, according to Covington's website.

Covington said he has become hands-on with his music and currently is working on his next album "Buzzin'." Also this summer he is busy touring.

Covington has been busy with other projects as well. He was featured recently in a pilot for a reality series starring himself.

Other musical accomplishments include his latest music video, "Drinking Side of Country," which is a duet with Shooter Jennings that has reached more than two million views on YouTube in two days following its premiere; he wrote, recorded and produced "Drinking Side of Country" for his upcoming sophomore CD; his second and third singles

"It's Good To Be Us" and "I'll Walk" were top 10 hits on the country radio charts; and Covington's self-titled album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Country Top 75 chart in April of 2007. He sold 61,000 units in the first week.

What: 2014 Lakes Jam.

When: June 26-28.

Where: Brainerd International Raceway.

The line-up:

June 26: Secondary stage: 6 p.m., Electric Almighty; 8 p.m., 32 Below; and 10 p.m., Chris Hawkey.

June 27 (country night): Secondary stage: 12 p.m., Roadhouse 6; 2 p.m., Jeremiah James Korfe; Last Call, Korfe. On the main stage: 4 p.m., Chris Hawkey; 6 p.m., Bucky Covington; 8 p.m., Maggie Rose; 10 p.m., Clay Walker.

June 28 (rock night): Secondary stage: 12 p.m., King's Ransom; 2 p.m., Madd Company. Last Call, Captain May I. On the main stage: 4 p.m., ThundHerStruck; 6 p.m., Starship Featuring Mickey Thomas; 8 p.m., Uncle Kracker; 10 p.m., Bret Michaels.

Tickets: Tickets and camping are available online at or by phone at 800-514-3849. Camping has been expanded to include full service and reserved sites. Campers can arrive at 8 a.m. June 26. The concert arena opens at 3 p.m. June 26; 10 a.m. on June 27; and 10 a.m. on June 28.