Jeff Pryor

Writer-director of "Darkly Farewell"

Favorite movie: "Vertigo"

Favorite actors: Cary Grant and Al Pacino

Favorite actresses: Ingrid Bergman and Nicole Kidman

Favorite directors: Alfred Hitchcock and James Cameron

Favorite TV show: "Late Night with Conan O'Brien"

Favorite band: The Beatles

Favorite book: "Crime and Punishment" by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Favorite author: Stephen King

What do you do in your spare time? "I watch movies, write screenplays and short stories and play the piano. I also enjoy drawing, photography and reading."

Jesse Delaney

David in "Darkly Farewell"

Favorite movie: "The Shawshank Redemption"

Favorite actor: Tim Robbins

Favorite actress: Sally Field

Favorite TV show: "The Simpsons"

Favorite musical artist: Jackson Browne

Favorite book: "A River Runs Through It" by Norman Maclean

What do you do in your spare time? "I spend time with my family. I like to fish as well."

Lissa Waller

Madeline in "Darkly Farewell"

Favorite movies: "Almost Famous," "Crash," "Sense and Sensibility" and "Instinct"

Favorite actors: Johnny Depp, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Joaquin Phoenix, Marlon Brando and Charlie Chaplin

Favorite actresses: Meryl Streep, Kate Winslet, Felicity Huffman and Jessica Tandy

Favorite TV show: "Sex and the City"

Favorite musical artists: The Black Crowes and Aimee Mann

Favorite book: "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath

Favorite plays: "Jekyll and Hyde," "A Streetcar named Desire" and "The Diary of Anne Frank"

What do you do in your spare time? "Sleep and read."