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Fine Arts Student of the Week: Junior learns the ways of video production

Brainerd High School junior Jeremy Good holds one of the cameras students use in TV Production classes. Good was honored as this week's Fine Arts Student of the Week. Jennifer Kraus / Brainerd Dispatch

Adviser nomination: "Jeremy has done outstanding work in the first half of semester one. He is very thorough in the work that he does and is efficient in how he completes it. Jeremy is creative with his video projects and is enjoyable to have in my class."

Memorable fine arts achievement: "I completed a 12-shot video for TV Pro. I went overboard on it, it was two pages long."

Artist most admired: Alex Ross, an American comic book writer/artist.

Other fine arts activities: Debate.

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Jeremy Good

  • Grade: Junior
  • Age: 16.
  • Art focus: Brainerd High School TV Production I.

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Why did you join TV pro: "I've always been interested in television, movies and filmology. I'm a bit of a cinefile. Being able to go through the process of developing film, coming up with a story and storyboarding was very interesting to go for. So I decided to take TV Pro and see where it leads and maybe think about it for a career."

What do you like about it: "There is a really interesting process you learn when creating a video, such as coming up with a basic concept, going through storyboarding, deciding what shots would be more dynamic and learning the process in general of creating video."

What surprised you the most with the process: "When watching a TV show you won't notice how seamless it is. It is more time consuming and a lot more intricate than watching the final product."

Tell me about one of your video projects: "The video I am working on now we just finished filming and editing it last night. We did the video on procrastination and it follows a student who stayed up late work on an essay. He goes through this creative process of sitting and thinking for a period of time and then he really started to get into it. And then you see him getting it done, handing it in and getting an A. And they come back again the next day with another essay and the whole cycle starts again ... I'm pretty proud how it's turning out so far."

Biggest challenge in class: "I tend to be detail focused and I'm kind of a control freak, so my biggest problem is getting stuff in relatively a short amount of time when I want to go back to make sure it is perfect.

"It's very much up to you to come up with story lines, but you also have to depend on others for actors or help with camera work. While the class can be independent, it's very beneficial to incorporate teamwork."

Project you would like to do: "I would love to complete a story-based short film around five to 10 minutes by the end of the year. (Storyline?) I have not given it too much thought as I don't want to put any boundaries on it yet."

Dream job: "I love TV Productions, so I would love to be a director or producer. It would be great but I also wouldn't mind being graphic designer at a firm."

Favorite movie: "Taxi Driver."

Favorite TV show: "Community" by Dan Harmon.

Favorite book: "Watchmen" by Alan Moore.

Favorite song: "99 Red Balloons" and "Goldfinger."

Favorite band: The Offspring.

Favorite restaurant: Mongo's Grill.

Sports/clubs: Robotics.

Hobbies: "A big hobby for me are comic books. Comic books are an interesting art medium that are intricate and have complex story lines. My favorite book or comic character is Batman."

Biggest pet peeve: "The scraping sound of Styrofoam."

Parents: Mark and Jennifer Good of Baxter.