AITKIN-For inspiration, printmaker George Robinson often turns to the subject he is most familiar with-himself.

Robinson's intaglio collage, featured at Ripple River Gallery near Bay Lake, offer a glimpse into the experiences, thoughts and ideas of the artist, a news release stated.

The exhibit of intaglio collage runs through June 9 at the art gallery, 20 miles southwest of Aitkin. The gallery will host a "season kick-off" reception to coincide with the exhibit from 4-7 p.m. May 24. The public is invited to attend, enjoy refreshments and view Robinson's collage.

Throughout his career, Robinson has focused on two-dimensional work-painting, drawing and printmaking, including intaglio. Intaglio etchings are created by covering a copper plate with an acid-resistant wax or resin ground. The image is incised into the wax/resin layer with an etching needle, and the plate is then dropped into acid, allowing the acid to bite into the exposed lines where the wax or resin was removed. These acid-bitten areas hold the ink.

Robinson's collages are developed by using his intaglio state proofs, which are squared off, cut apart and reassembled. After creating the initial images, primarily executed in black and white with an occasional use of color, Robinson integrates several images into a single new image that has its own, new meaning, a news release stated. While all works are essentially self-portraits, Robinson applies accidental, random and chaotic compositions.

"The fragmentation in the collage image creates movement, ambiguous space and transparency," Robinson stated. The idea of seeing the squares as individual images, while at the same time part of a larger image can be likened to digital photographers who use manipulation to change realistic images into abstractions.

"The content of my work is, for the most part, biographical," Robinson said. "It developed from personal experiences, thoughts and ideas as an artist, teacher, husband, father, grandfather, lover, friend and passenger on this spaceship Earth; and has been impacted by my faith, heritage, education, environment and culture."

Robinson states his intaglio collages reflect the intermingling of elements, often made visible in subtle and humorous images.

"At the same time there is an attempt to fuse or integrate the subject and meaning with the formal elements and the medium to create a unified harmonious work of art," he stated.

Robinson graduated in 1961 from the Hartford Art School of the University of Hartford, West Hartford, Conn., with a bachelor's in fine arts degree with honors in painting. His graduate studies were in printmaking at Wesleyan University, Middletown, Conn., from 1964-66. He retired as professor of fine arts from Bethel University, where he taught painting, art history, fluid media, drawing and printmaking. Robinson has exhibited his work in more than 200 international, national, regional and local juried exhibitions and numerous solo and small group exhibitions.

Robinson lives and works at his home in Shoreview.

Ripple River Gallery is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday; and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays. For more information on the exhibit, call 218-678-2575 or email