Lydia Jendro

Grade: Freshman.

Age: 15.

Art focus: Brainerd High School Brainonian.

Adviser nomination: “She's a freshman and has already been showing really good enthusiasm and getting projects done timely,” wrote adviser Rick Jensen.

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Memorable fine arts achievement: Meeting my yearbook staff.

Artist most admired? My three sisters, they are all incredible at drawing.

Why did you join Brainonian? I decided to join yearbook because I just thought it'd be super cool. When the yearbook comes and you’re like, “Wow, I actually designed this page, this page and this page.” Yearbook is something everybody looks forward to at the very end of the year.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had with distant learning? The good thing about being in school with yearbook is that you can communicate with one another, you can easily connect with people and give ideas. But when you're distant, it takes a lot longer to get everybody's feedback, and like, with our main theme, it took like three weeks to figure out our theme when it could have been done in one day if we were fully in school.

Our teacher misses us like crazy and I don't know if it's just me, but I miss that class so much. It was a highlight of my school day.

When school started everybody was in yearbook, but we were all split up, as a good portion of kids were distant learning and then half of them were split in between group A and group B. There were possibly 15 kids in the class for at least my hour.

And then with everyone distance learning and with sports canceled it's been a struggle, especially for me. I had to set a reminder for whenever the class started because otherwise I'd be late. I would be completely out of it and just forget when the class started and everything. So I have like 20 reminders on my phone of when every class and even when dance class started.

Working on now? We're working on mugshots for the pages for the seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen. I think in the next couple of weeks, he's going to have us work on those pages, because he has those assigned but not a specific date when we need to do them.

(The adviser) is going to be announcing the editors next week. I have been wanting to be the freshman editor since the beginning of the school year.

(Overall), we just sent out Google forms on topics for summer sports and a whole bunch more, hoping students will fill them out so we can put it in the yearbook. Our main goal is to get every single student in the yearbook at least three times. So it's kind of hard to do that especially when not a lot of kids look at their Gmail.

What excites you about being in yearbook? Mr. Jensen has said this a lot — that yearbook is a family. Right before Christmas, he really showed us that we are a family. He sent out these homemade gifts to every single student, and the yearbook staff. I can't thank him enough for that even though he really doesn't have to do that. He also sent out our yearbook staff shirts ... but (what excited me) is just being with everybody and connecting with them and having fun. Right before we went into distant learning we had a pizza party, which no other class did, so having a teacher and students who are connected like that I am in love with it.

How is the yearbook coming, since second semester begins later this month? You’d think we would be half way done but we are not that far at all, but we are getting there. I know we can all put in the effort and get it done.

Dream job: Being a mom and helping others.

Favorite movie: “Aladin.”

Favorite TV show: “Friends.”

Favorite book: “Wonder.”

Favorite author: R.J. Palacio.

Favorite song: “Waves” by Acoustic.

Favorite band: Lewis Capaldi.

Favorite restaurant: Pizza Ranch.

Favorite subject: Yearbook.

Perfect meal: Mom’s homemade enchiladas and chicken pot pie.

Biggest pet peeve: Secrets.

Sports/clubs: Music General dancer. She loves tap.

Hobbies: Drawing.

Parents: Curtis and Nancy Jendro of Fort Ripley.

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