Young and aspiring authors have an opportunity to learn from esteemed writers and let their creativity soar at the 2018 Young Authors Conference on Tuesday, Nov. 13, at Central Lakes College, Staples campus.

This event, sponsored by Sourcewell, is open to students in fourth through sixth grades who have an interest in writing and are ready to explore on a deeper level. This conference will provide the opportunity to learn from professional writers, including keynote speaker and Geoff Herbach.

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Students will participate in interactive writing sessions led by fiction and nonfiction writers, poets, songwriters, playwrights, actors, illustrators and more, traveling through sessions and discovering the many different paths that can be taken through writing.

Katie Embree, student academics coordinator at Sourcewell, said this event is a great opportunity for students with an interest in writing to further explore and let their imaginations take flight. This year's event is themed "Adventure Island."

"We love offering this to our regional students as a way to further explore writing and be able to interact with others who have a similar interest," Embree said. "We have several amazing writers who will also participate in this conference to help influence and assist our budding authors."

Registration for the 2018 Young Authors Conference is open. It is intended for, but not limited to, classes and/or schools to attend together. For more information, visit