William Kent Krueger, author of the Cork O’Connor series as well as "Ordinary Grace," will sign copies of his new book, "This Tender Land," from 10:30-11:30 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 29, at Turtle Town Books and Gifts in Nisswa.

Like "Ordinary Grace," this novel is a standalone, big-hearted epic that Krueger calls his “most personal” novel so far. Set in Minnesota in 1932, "This Tender Land" spotlights the lives of four orphan children ripped from their homes and sent to a mostly Native American school to be “educated." The lessons they learn are taught by evil jailers, and most of the children suffer from fear, abandonment and hopelessness.

Four of these children - Odie O’Banion; his brother, Albert; best friend, Mose; and brokenhearted Emmy - steal a canoe intending to make their way to the mighty Mississippi and hopefully to a place where they belong. During their travels they meet other displaced people: families, struggling farmers and even a tent revivalist who makes Odie question his view of God.

"This Tender Land" isn’t being widely released until Sept. 3. To get a copy of this book in time for the signing, call Turtle Town at 218-963-4891 no later than Monday, Aug. 26.

Krueger’s books have made the New York Times Bestselling List numerous times. "Ordinary Grace" won the 2014 Edgar Award for Best Novel. Krueger lives in St. Paul with his family.