A 2002 graduate of Pine River-Backus High School and associate professor at Radford University in Virginia recently published a book examining rampage school shootings.

His book, titled “Rampage School Shootings: Why they occur and how to prevent them” looks at the shooters themselves through a social work perspective.

“This book is an examination of how seemingly normal students become school shooters,” said author Philip Mongan. “That is done through the examination of the phenomenon of rampage school shootings, as well as an in-depth exploration of the available evidence from the Columbine school shooting, as well as the Newtown school shooting. The book then explores how we might move forward in preventing these tragedies from occurring in the future.”

Mongan has been researching material that would eventually go into this book since the 2005 Red Lake School shooting. He said while researching, publishing and presenting on the topic he noticed researchers did not have a clear understanding of what actually causes children to commit school shootings.

“I set out to examine the phenomenon to see if it was possible to explain exactly how a child could develop into a school shooter,” Mongan said.

“Rampage School Shootings” is available on Amazon or through the academic publisher, Cognella.

Mongan is releasing a social work practice book in October, with another book examining violent media consumption and physical violence and whether or not there is a connection.