MINNEAPOLIS — A Twin Cities musician is poking fun at pandemic-spawned home confinement with a video parody of the Beach Boys’ 1988 hit “Kokomo.”

Jon Pumper, music director at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater in Minneapolis, said “Quarantine” is “a way to laugh and commiserate at the way we are dealing with the challenges of quarantine, and remind ourselves that although we are isolated, we are still largely going through the same experiences together.”

He said the project “just sort of flowed out.”

Pumper said he’s been a part-time YouTuber for three years, and has worked at the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater for the same amount of time, so “I have had experience writing comedic pieces prior to this.”

His past projects include “Toto’s Africa: The Movie – Official Trailer.”

His fiancee, Elise Joyce, works in the film industry, and she shot and edited “Quarantine.”

“So with the two of us working on it, it took us just two days from concept to publishing (though it helped that we had a lot more free time than we usually do during those two days),” the Minneapolis resident said.

The couple’s home confinement has sparked “a mix of emotions,” he said. “With Elise and I both being creative, we’ve had a lot of projects on the back-burner that we’re finally getting to, which brings us a lot of joy.

“But we’re both out of work for the most part, so it’s also stressful and worrisome,” he said.

Joyce is a freelancer and has seen all of her film-industry projects get shut down. He’s on furlough from the Brave New Workshop — still employed there but not earning an income.

“I think we feel the full spectrum of those (emotional) extremes every day,” he said.