Chloe Cure-Hendrickson

Grade: Senior.

Age: 18.

Art focus: Brainerd High School Band.

Adviser nomination: “Chloe has been a percussionist in Wind Symphony and the drummer for Jazz Ensemble I since her sophomore year. Her solid drumming in jazz and leadership in Wind Symphony have been a huge reason for the successes of those ensembles. Moreover, during distance learning her senior year she has learned and performed the incredibly challenging ‘Chromatic Foxtrot’ by George Hamilton Greene. Way to go Chloe!” — Wind Symphony Director Christopher Fogderud.

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Memorable fine arts achievement: Getting “Best in Site,” usually with the jazz band at both the Solo/Ensemble competitions.

Artist most admired: Yoon Do-woon from Day6, a drummer.

Other fine arts activities: One art class her freshman year.

Dream job? Playing in a concert ensemble or in a band as a drummer.

I plan to attend the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities for music performance. I got into the school of music with the song (Fogderud) mentioned.

Talk about the difficulty in learning that song, “Chromatic Foxtrot.” I brought the xylophone home to practice it around November. I practiced at first, maybe two lines of music and then I stopped. I was not motivated at all for like two months. Then around the end of December the pressure really started kicking in because the auditions were due Jan. 15 and I still hadn't gotten it done.

So, I really had to kick up the gear and I had to learn it. I had to teach it all on my own and then memorize it because it's easier that way. Then I don't have to keep looking up at the music and stuff. ... I had to listen to other videos as well, to see how it sounds, instead of having like someone else play it for me. In those videos, they were going way faster than I was going so I had to slow it down in my own head and then play it out.

It got crazy in the week leading up (to the deadline), but I got it done. I got to come (to the high school) to record the video, which was very nice because I don't think being in my own house was a very good environment for me to focus to take those videos. Because once I messed up, I would just get so angry and I would just stop and I’d go do something else for hours ... but if I came here I could be in a practice room alone and teachers would be around so I couldn't go off and do something else, like sit on the couch and watch TV for a while like I did at home.

What interested you in doing percussion? My brother actually was a percussionist before me. ... He would play little rhythms and I would play them back to him. So when I was in fifth grade, I was really excited because I could play percussion like my brother. He's the one who really got me into it and yeah, I thought he was so cool. I mean I still think he's cool but back then I just wanted to be like him.

What percussion instrument do you like best and which is your least favorite? It would probably be the mallet percussion just because it's so much fun to learn the melodies, so the xylophone, the marimba are my favorites. Those are my favorites, but they are harder to learn, I guess because you have to memorize them.

The snare drum is alright, I wouldn't say it's my least favorite. But if I have to play it, I can get it done and I can do it well. If nobody else in the band can do it, I can probably try my hardest to do it and get it done.

The auxiliary stuff is like the worst, such as the tambourine, triangle and crash symbol, just because it's usually not the most exciting part when we play music.

What do you enjoy about Jazz Ensemble I? I auditioned in seventh grade for jazz band. I don't remember why I wanted to do it. I think I just liked drumming so much in the regular ensemble, I wanted to do it more and probably because of the music I was listening to at the time where I heard interesting drumming. I wanted to play like that so I joined the jazz ensemble.

Favorite jazz piece? A good classic we've played is “Overture to Candide.”

Favorite movie: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”

Favorite TV show: “The Untamed.”

Favorite book: “The Song of Achilles.”

Favorite song: “Blue Skies” by Noah And The Whale.

Favorite soloist: Mitski.

Favorite restaurant: Texas Roadhouse, but only for the rolls.

Favorite subject: Music or science, but not the type of science where you do a lot of math, I like the learning part more.

Perfect meal: Simply some buttered toast (honey whole wheat) and some juice.

Biggest pet peeve: Excessively slow drivers.

Hobbies: Reading and listening to music.

Parents: Erik Hendrickson and Lindsay Cure-Hendrickson, Brainerd.

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