The Central Lakes Wind Symphony is hosting an outdoor concert at 7 p.m. Monday, May 3, on the southeast lawn of the Brainerd campus.

Rainout day is May 5 and the double rainout date is May 10. People are asked to bring a chair or blanket and enjoy the concert. Masking is required for outdoor venues for performances.

The title of the concert is “Music Without Restrictions” and song selections include:

  • “In All Its Glory: by James Swearingen;

  • “First Suite In Eb” by Gustav Holst;

  • “Mountain Thyme” by Samuel R. Hazo;

  • “Maiden Voyage” by Shirley Mier;

  • “The Woodwind Polka” by Andy Clark;

  • “Chorale and Shaker Dance” by John Zdechlik;

The conductor of the Wind Symphony is Jonathan Laflamme.