Gabriel D. Lagarde

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The proposal for a new playground at the Warrior Early Learning Center has been billed as a compromise between costs and goals, with significant benefit for younger students just at their beginning of their public school education.
Because it's primarily an administrative facility, Washington Education Services Building hasn't gotten the same attention as other facilities across the Brainerd School District, but renovations are on the way.
The state's chief executive urged residents to get vaccinated if they haven't done so as COVID-19 cases, primarily of the Delta Variant, continue to climb across the nation.
Board members reiterated that the letter of equity has no basis in critical race theory — an academic concept the school district doesn't incorporate in its curriculum, never has and has no plans to — but opponents remained adamant Monday's resolution represented a push to undermine American values.
The average person needs to have 100 passwords to protect all the profiles, accounts, sites and whatnot in their daily lives. Can an average person even remember 100 passwords? Password management systems like Dashlane may have an answer to that problem.
City officials are making tough considerations with urgent problems to be solved in the now, while long-term implications and budgetary concerns also loom large.
Participants should expect to contribute 20-40 hours to review 10-12 grant proposals in a 30 day period between August through October of this year.
From Brainerd to Bataan, the life of Walt Straka was the story of a diehard fighter and American hero.
The city is looking for outside help to formulate a plan to manage 880 acres of riverfront preserves, much of it featuring valuable natural resources and high biodiversity.
The proposal by John Ward has been billed as a means for council members to tackle the issues that matter to their constituents, but concerns were raised over the long-term implications.