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The leaves are turning. The air is getting more crisp. Before we know it, we’ll have snow and below zero temperatures. Oh, how I love the beauty of the four seasons in Minnesota!

You know what else I love? This magazine. Her Voice. By women. For women. About women. Every time I begin to prepare for a new issue, I wonder if we’ll have enough content. Will the stories we do be inspiring to others? I shouldn’t question it because without fail, Her Voice magazine is phenomenal each and every time.


We have stories to make you smile and stories to make you think. And of course, in some way or another, they’re all inspiring.

On the Cover: Her Tradition - For the Love of Lefse

Kim Raboin continues the tradition of lefse-making started by her paternal great-great-great-great-grandmother, Berit Olsdatter Letrud, who lived to be 105

Her Story - Horsin’ Around at the Train Museum

Darlene Blazina is the founder of the Northern Trackers/Northern Minnesota Railroad Heritage Association in Crosslake, but she’s also known for her equestrian skills


Her Business - The Thrill of the Hunt

Seven years ago, Julie LaValle and her daughter, Amy LaValle Hansmann, made a joint decision to leave their jobs and form a business partnership to develop their new vision, a thrift store called The Mercantile.

Her Life - Brief but Spectacular Moments from a Long Life

Sister Adela Gross, a Franciscan nun from Little Falls, is celebrating her 75th jubilee of service. Read Jan Kurtz’s story to find out more about her life's spectacular moments.

Her Passion - Grow a Heart

Preschool teacher Stefanie DeVries had a desire to “help children feel and express empathy and better understand how their words and actions can affect others” so she wrote a book.


Her Conversation - His Name is Connor

Writer Sarah Nelson Katzenberger talks with Kelli Johnson, a woman who lost her son, Connor, 15 weeks into her pregnancy. Nelson Katzenberger also shares her experience with grief and miscarriage.

Her Table - Fall is in the Air

These incredibly cozy and hearty fall recipes are perfect to satisfy your cravings with meals meant to be shared.

My Voice - Hello, Fall!


Her Journey - The Intuitive Connector

Her Style - Astro Knots: Defying gravity and stereotypes

Your Voice - Honoring Women Over 90

Her Lifestyle - Indulge without the bulge

Her Community - DeAnn Barry: At the center of the senior community

Her Tradition - For the Love of Lefse

Her Health - Women-owned practices seek to improve clinic atmosphere


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