J.J. Perry

Democrats hold four of state's seats; Republicans hope to add.
"Take a breath, and tell sacred stories ... that’s quite a bit different than the teachings of shopping. I, like many, find myself returning to the teachings, softness and wonder of a new snowfall."
From the editorial: "Abortion had been dividing the nation even before the landmark 1973 decision. ... No matter what the U.S. Supreme Court decides, the battle over abortion won’t go away. But it will be altered."
The justices, who heard arguments on the case on Nov. 1, lifted a block on lower court proceedings, which may pave the way for a federal judge to block the law at least in part. The conservative-majority court on Sept. 1 had declined to halt the measure. The justices in a separate case dismissed a separate challenge brought by President Joe Biden's administration.
The Rev. Dominique Buchholz said Minnesota State University Moorhead officials noticed last year, coming back from the COVID pandemic, that campus counseling resources were swamped. MSUM leaders wanted to fill this important void. So they brought on Buchholz as chaplain to provide free, confidential listening and spiritual care to anyone: students, faculty and staff.
Kelsey Waits said few knew her 8-year-old child was transgender.
From the editorial: "Remember Pearl Harbor. We don’t need to have been there ... to push back against its fade into history."
Colton Erickson of Park Rapids is dead after a two-vehicle collision on Sunday evening on U.S. Highway 71, south of Blackduck.
The so-called “forever chemicals” are used in a huge variety of products, from nonstick cookware to fire-suppressing foam, carpet and water-resistant clothing. For decades they’ve also been used to make ultra-fast, fluorinated ski wax, prized by cross-country ski racers.
Salonen warns that there is a spiritual battle unfolding. Whereas Christians are taught that God is the center of the Cosmos, those deeply rooted in artificial intelligence attempt to create their own identity and meaning.