Jonathan Knutson

Jonathan Knutson covers agriculture for Agweek. A North Dakota farm kid and a past president of North American Agricultural Journalists, the professional association for U.S. and Canadian ag journalists, he remains fascinated by always-evolving U.S agriculture. He's been with Agweek/Forum Communications Co. since 1989.

He can be reached at or 701 280-1480.

Columnist Jonathan Knutson writes about finding true success in an agriculture career.
Columnist Jonathan Knutson suggests readers consider those topics they avoid and hear from those people they often avoid to open up to different ways of thinking.
Jonathan Knutson recalls times he has respectfully engaged with non-agricultural types about the need for agriculture, and the times he kept his mouth shut.
We could all use a good laugh to start out the new year.
The author believes complacency in the ag industry was an issue years ago, but it's improved along with a host of contributors.
"Growing up in upper Midwest agriculture taught me the certainty of two things: consistently inconsistent weather and regular disputes between the Farm Bureau and Farmers Union, the area's two largest farm organizations."
Jonathan Knutson looks at some of the traits and attributes that help farmers succeed.
"Across Agweek Country, hundreds of farmers, ranchers and other agriculturalists are deciding whether this will be their last full-time year in ag. They still enjoy what they do, but they also realize it might be time to step back."
You only get 30 to 40 cracks at planting season, Jonathan Knutson says. So, enjoy it, even in its difficulties.
Modern ag really is a big tent, and there's room inside for many kinds of farming operations.