(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, April 24, 2020, 1t.

(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, April 24, 2020, 1t.)
Public Notice
Adoption of Ordinance No. 2020-01
Ordinance Regulating Winter Parking on Town Roads
The Board of Supervisors for the Town of Roosevelt, Crow Wing County, Minnesota, now hereby ordains that on the 13th day of April 2020, the Roosevelt Township Board of Supervisors adopted the above Ordinance. Due to the lengthy content, a brief Summary follows:
Section 1: Clarifies language used in the Ordinance.
Section 2: Regulates the parking of commercial motor vehicles, vehicles, trailers and semitrailers on Town Roads during winter months (November 1st through April 15th)
Section 3: Penalty for Violation- Consequences for violation(s) of this Ordinance
Section 4: Validity of the Ordinance should a provision be declared invalid
Section 5: Effective date of Ordinance
Section 6: Repeals any ordinance inconsistent with its terms.
Ordinance No. 2020-01, Ordinance Regulating Winter Parking on Town Roads, shall take effect and be in full force immediately following its adoption and upon publication. A copy of the Ordinance can be viewed by contacting the Town Clerk at (320)247-2105. An additional copy of the Ordinance will also be on file at the local public library and the County Law Library.
/s/ Christopher Hewitt
Chairman, Roosevelt Township
/s/ Bonnie Orton
Clerk, Roosevelt Township