(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, April 8, Echo Journal, April 9, 2020, 1t.

(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, April 8, Echo Journal, April 9, 2020, 1t.)
Per Minnesota Statute 375.12, “Publication of Proceedings”
Meeting held on 03/10/20
The full text is available for public inspection at the County Administrator’s Office
Regular meeting of County Board – 9:00 AM – all members present.
Maurice Olson addressed Board regarding how County would handle outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our jail.
Following addressed Board in support of declaring Crow Wing County a Second Amendment Dedicated County: Michael Starry, Melissa Straight, Tom Fanjoy, Brian Ray, Doug Kern, John Cumming, David Kobs, Boston Hackbart, Zane Shackle, Craig Venske, Darin Schadt, Kasey Marshall, Allen Jenkins, Lori Musolf, Roger Winegarner, Megan Pence, Gorden Hardy, Duane Wiskow, Fred Heidmann, Pam Johnson, Nancy Austad, Carolyn Ahrens, Curt Southmayd, Bruce Blom, Darrel Palmer, Chuck Oaks, Randy Hovde, Tim Stevens, Janelle Tepper.
Following addressed Board against declaring Crow Wing County a Second Amendment Dedicated County: Amanda Schwarzkopf, Barb McColgan, Maurice Olson, Amy Hansmann.
Franzen/Barrows - to approve minutes of 02/25/20 regular County Board meeting. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Brekken - to add ”Award Contract No. 20005, Bituminous Surfacing CR 116, 123, 153, FAD” under County Engineer’s time, to move Public Hearing for Proposed Re-Route of Pelican County Forest Road to be next item on agenda, to move promotions/transfers section from “Personnel Actions” from consent agenda to regular agenda, & to approve agenda of 03/10/20 regular County Board meeting as amended. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Barrows/Franzen - to open Public Hearing regarding Proposed Re-Route of Pelican County Forest Road at 10:41 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Public comment was heard.
Barrows/Houge - to close Public Hearing at 10:45 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Brekken/Franzen - to approve proposed re-route of Pelican County Forest Road located in part of Sec 7 of Pelican Township, & Sec 12 of Mission Township. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Barrows - to approve consent agenda with exception of promotions/transfers section of Personnel Actions that was moved to regular agenda. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Brekken/Barrows - to approve promotions/transfer section of Human Resource Report for Personnel Actions, as on file. Motion Passed [3 to 2], Franzen & Koering nay.
Barrows/Houge - to approve petition of The Bement Family Trust for Land Use Map Amendment request from Waterfront Commercial to Commercial District 2 (9.18 acres) with Shoreland District (5.6 acres) involving approximately 14.78 total acres, Sec 10, First Assessment District. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Houge/Franzen - to approve Resolution Authorizing Crow Wing County to Make Application to & Accept Funds from IRRRB Residential Redevelopment Grant Program. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Houge/Barrows - to authorize entering into Purchase of Service Agreement with Lutheran Social Services of MN to provide community-based family therapy to support youth at risk of residential placement, effective 01/27/20 – 12/31/20, at maximum amount of $80,000, paid from Systems of Care (SOC) grant funds. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Brekken/Houge - to authorize two Adult Services Social Workers to attend National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) RISE 20 Training to be held May 27-30, 2020 in Anaheim, CA, with all expenses to be paid by Mn Specialty Courts. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Barrows - to approve Resolution regarding Revoke Portion of CSAH 20. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Brekken - acting as Town Board for Unorganized Territory, to authorize entering into contract with Holmvig Excavating, LLC for First & Second Assessment District Road Maintenance, effective 05/16/20 – 05/15/23. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Houge/Franzen - to authorize entering into contract with Anderson Brothers Construction Company of Brainerd, LLC for $1,662,992.16 for CP 18-116-02, CP 18-123-02, CP 18-153-02 & CP 18-300-07. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
County Administrator reported on behalf of Senior Management Team.
Franzen/Barrows - to reappoint Commissioner Houge to Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area Citizens Advisory Council for additional two-year term. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Barrows/Franzen - to recess regular session & convene to closed session for purpose of performance review for Veterans Service Officer Erik Flowers at 11:24 AM followed by closed session for purpose of performance review for County Administrator Timothy Houle. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Barrows - to recess closed session & reconvene to County Board meeting at 1:38 PM. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Barrows/Houge - to adjourn at 1:39 PM. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Timothy J. Houle
County Administrator