(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, Ech

(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, Echo Journal, February 1, 2023, 1t.) SUMMARY PUBLICATION OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS CROW WING COUNTY, MINNESOTA Per Minnesota Statute 375.12, “Publication of Proceedings” Meeting held on 01/03/23 The full text is available for public inspection at the County Administrator’s Office Statutory, organizational & regular meeting of County Board – 9:00 AM – all members present. Judge Askegaard gave oath of office to newly elected Commissioner Jon Lubke & re-elected Commissioners Steve Barrows & Rosemary Franzen. Koering/Barrows - that Commissioner Franzen be nominated for Chair for 2023 & Secretary be instructed to cast unanimous ballot. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Koering/Franzen - that Commissioner Lubke be nominated for Vice Chair for 2023 & Secretary be instructed to cast unanimous ballot. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Doug Kern re: thank you to Commissioners for approving hand-count of twice number of precincts as required by state law as part of normal post-election audit & for being as transparent as possible. Tony Bauer re: congratulations to those elected & re-elected & respectfully requesting transparency & accountability. Barrows/Houge - to approve agenda of 01/03/23 statutory, organizational & regular County Board meeting. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Koering - to approve consent agenda. Motion Passed [Unanimous] County Administrator reported on behalf of Senior Management Team. Barrows/Houge - to approve Resolution re: Award of 2023 Printing & Publishing Bid. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Lubke - to open Public Hearing re: Enacting New STR Ordinance & Repealing Existing STR Ordinance at 9:15 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous] There was no public comment. Barrows/Houge - to close Public Hearing at 9:16 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Houge/Barrows - to approve Resolution adopting Crow Wing County Short-Term Rental Licensing Ordinance (No. 2301). Motion Passed [3 to 2], Koering & Franzen nay. Houge/Barrows - to approve Resolution to Repeal Crow Wing County Short-Term Rental Licensing Ordinance (No. 2002). Motion Passed [Unanimous] Koering/Barrows - to approve Resolution re: Closed Meetings. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Houge - to approve Resolution re: Per Meeting Rates & Meeting Expenses. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Chair made 2023 AMC Delegate & Policy Committee Appointments as on file. Chair made County Commissioner committee appointments as on file with following changes: Barrows to replace Koering on Brainerd Lakes Regional Airport Commission, & Lubke to replace Barrows on Region Five Regional Transportation Coordination Council. Chair appointed Jon Auge to replace Rick Skogen as District 2 representative on Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment for term beginning 02/01/23 & expiring 01/31/25. Koering/Barrows - to approve Resolution to Encourage Congress to Supply Resources Necessary for Local Post Offices to Successfully Recruit Staff. Motion Passed [3 to 1], Lubke nay & Franzen voted present. Barrows/Houge - to approve Contracts for Legal Services for Court Appointed Attorney with Marina Oster, Raymond Horton & Andrew Wipper for Child in Need of Protective Services (CHIPS) & Termination of Parental Rights (TPR) cases, & Conrad Kragness for Commitment & Child Support Contempt cases, effective 01/01/23. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Houge - to approve following regarding jail health program to manage medical care for inmates in Crow Wing County Jail: 1) approve Personnel Actions report as on file; 2) approve contract with Essentia Health - St. Joseph’s Medical Center; 3) authorize County Administrator, or his designee, to approve & implement necessary medical policies & procedures required to run jail health program. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Koering - to adjourn at 9:45 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Timothy J. Houle County Administrator