(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, Ech

(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, Echo Journal, March 16, 2022, 1t.) SUMMARY PUBLICATION OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS CROW WING COUNTY, MINNESOTA Per Minnesota Statute 375.12, “Publication of Proceedings” Meeting held on 02/22/22 The full text is available for public inspection at the County Administrator’s Office Regular meeting of County Board – 9:00 AM – all members present except Franzen. Doug Kern addressed Board asking for full forensic audit of Nov 2020 election. Barrows/Brekken - to approve minutes of 02/08/22 regular County Board meeting. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Brekken/Koering - to approve agenda of 02/22/22 regular County Board meeting. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Brekken - to approve consent agenda. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Koering/Barrows - to authorize GIS Coordinator to attend two Esri Conferences, 3/16-18/22 in Chicago IL & 7/11-15/22 in San Diego CA, with all expenses to be paid from IT Budget. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Brekken/Barrows - to approve Statement of Need for Better Outlook Minnesota to open two Intensive Residential Treatment Services (IRTS) in Baxter named Crow Wing Wellness, Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Brekken - to authorize entering into agreement with DHS, Behavioral Health Division, in amount of $25,465 to provide transition supports & services as outlined in grant contract, effective 02/1/22-12/31/22. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Koering/Barrows - to open Public Hearing re: Shellisa Lane Improvements at 9:23 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous] There was no public comment. Barrows/Brekken - to close Public Hearing at 9:23 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Koering - to approve Resolution re: Road Assessment Certification - Shellisa Lane. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Brekken - to authorize County Engineer to enter into professional services contract with Short Elliot Hendrickson to complete intersection improvement feasibility study for junction of TH 210 & 371, not to exceed $5,000. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Koering - to approve petition of Gary & Patricia Hite for Land Use Map Amendment from Agricultural/Forestry to Rural Residential 10 involving 14.96 acre, Sec 21, Little Pine. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Koering/Brekken - to support & approve policy committee sending draft Rum River One Watershed, One Plan to Board of Water & Soil Resources for their approval on behalf of Crow Wing County. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Brekken - to approve 2022 Crow Wing County AIS Prevention Plan as submitted. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Brekken - to approve Recreational Use Plan as on file. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows thanked Sheriff’s Office for work during multi-vehicle pile-up on Hwy 371 during 2/18 blizzard. Chair appointed Barrows & Brekken to serve on Sourcewell Representative Assembly & attend annual meeting on 4/20. Barrows/Brekken - to adjourn at 10:00 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Timothy J. Houle County Administrator