(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, Echo Journal, July 22, 2020, 1t.

(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, Echo Journal, July 22, 2020, 1t.)
Per Minnesota Statute 375.12, “Publication of Proceedings”
Meeting held on 06/23/20
The full text is available for public inspection at the County Administrator’s Office
Regular meeting of County Board – 9:00 AM – all members present.
Board recognized following employee who is retiring & thanked her for her service to Crow Wing County: Glow Bechard, Highway Department - 16 years of service
Franzen/Barrows - to open Public Hearing regarding Off Sale Liquor License for Paradise Resort Bar & Grill, Inc. DBA Paradise Resort Bar & Grill, Town of Maple Grove, at 9:07 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
There was no public comment.
Franzen/Barrows - to close Public Hearing at 9:08 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Brekken - to approve 2020 Off Sale Liquor License Application of Paradise Resort Bar & Grill, Inc. DBA Paradise Resort Bar & Grill for Off Sale Liquor License. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Barrows - to approve minutes of 06/09/20 regular County Board meeting & 06/15/20 County Board of Appeal & Equalization meeting. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Barrows - to move 7.14 & 7.15 from consent to regular agenda under Land Services; to add "Add Additional Lots to Land Sale" & "Memorandum of Understanding for Potential Decontamination Station in Breezy Point" under Land Services; to approve agenda of 06/23/20 regular County Board meeting as amended. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Brekken - to approve consent agenda. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Houge/Barrows - to approve Recycling Policy & Procedures. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Barrows - to withdraw tracts from Available Tax Forfeited Land Sale List, as on file, with said tracts to be re-assessed & re-offered at 2020 tax forfeit land auction; to approve classifying/re-classifying tax forfeited parcels for 2020 final public auction as non-conservation status; to authorize removing tax forfeited land in George H Kinney Memorial Forest #17 (50190501); to approve all tracts & corresponding values as shown on 2020 Final Tax Forfeited Land Sale List; to authorize Land Services Director to set date & time for Public Sale to be held at 10:00 AM on 07/24/20. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Barrows - to approve Resolution regarding 2020 Classification & Sale of Lands Forfeited to State for Non-Payment of Taxes. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Franzen/Houge - to add Breezy Point lots to Land Sale at 25% discount. Motion Passed [4 to 1], Brekken nay.
Brekken/Houge - to allow Land Services to enter into agreement with Pelican Square ownership & Pelican Lakes Association to provide decontamination services for 2020 season located at Pelican Square carwash. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Barrows/Houge - to approve Second Amendment Dedicated County Resolution, as prepared by County Attorney.
Chair Koering passed gavel to Vice Chair Barrows.
Koering/Franzen - to amend above motion by deleting all language in Resolution & inserting language that was in Resolution that was on County website for 30 days. Roll call vote, Houge nay, Franzen aye, Koering aye, Brekken nay, Barrows nay. Motion Failed [2 to 3]
On original motion, roll call vote, Houge aye, Franzen aye, Koering aye, Brekken aye, Barrows aye. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
MN State Representative Dale Lueck provided update on recent special legislative session.
Administrative Services Director reported on behalf of Senior Management Team.
Barrows/Franzen - to adjourn at 10:41 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous]
Timothy J. Houle
County Administrator