(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, June 11, 2020, 1t.

(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, June 11, 2020, 1t.)
Pillager Public Schools - ISD #116
Pillager Board of Education Minutes
Regular School Board Meeting
Monday, May 18, 2020
The regular monthly meeting of the Pillager Board of Education was called to order by Chairman Scott Mudgett on Monday, May 18, 2020 at 6:30 pm. Other board members present were Becky Bennett, Brian Grimsley, Shawn Hunstad, Sara Nagel and Steve Uban. Also present was Superintendent Michael Malmberg and School Board Secretary Lori Blumke.
First order of business was the Pledge of Allegiance
Cell Phone/Electronic Devices
Chairman Scott Mudgett began by asking if there are any additions/deletions/changes to the agenda. Superintendent Malmberg requested to add under:
F. Policy #1.b. - 1st Reading of Policy #524 - Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use and #902 - Facility Building Use.
F. Policy #2. - Approve Grading Policy Changes to the 2019-2020 Secondary Student Handbook - ACTION.
G. Other #3. - Approve 2020 Senior Graduation Plan - ACTION.
Sara Nagel moved; Steve Uban seconded to accept the agenda with these additions. The motion passed unanimously.
Visitor comments: NONE
Brian Grimsley moved; Shawn Hunstad seconded to accept the Consent Agenda with the following items:
A.Minutes of the April 20, 2020 Meeting
B.Monthly Cash Flow Including Investments
C.Monthly Paid Bills from number 79090 through 79215 and electronic transfers
D.Monthly Paid Bills - Activity Accounts from number 4072 through 4073
Big Stone Therapies, Inc. - services valued at $11,195.00
Pillager Area Firemans Department and Relief Association - $750.00
Mike Parrish, Middle School Gifted & Talented Reading Spec., 8/31/2020
Lynne Bordwell, Middle School Gifted $ Talented Reading Spec., 8/31/2020
Johanna Rudbeck, Special Education Teacher, 8/31/2020
Tatum Sheley, Junior High Volleyball Coach, 4/20/2020
Tatum Sheley, Middle School Student Council Advisor, 4/20/2020
Tricia Engholm, JV Volleyball Coach, 4/20/2020
Stacey Wentzel, Special Education Teacher, 4/29/2020
Kole Kristenson, 4th Grade Teacher, 4/29/2020
Matt Moen, Youth Sports Coordinator, 4/30/2020
The motion passed unanimously.
Activities Committee
Superintendent Malmberg reviewed that the Activities committee will meet this week to discuss possible additions to Schedule C.
Budget Committee
Superintendent Malmberg informed members that Business Manager Missy Berry will share with the Budget committee at the end of the month the 2020-2021 Budget and a cost/savings document regarding the effects of COVID-19 and the closing of school in March.
Curriculum Committee
Director of Teaching and Learning Dave Olson shared the curriculum newsletter that he created and distributed to staff and the district leadership team. He highlighted a few items to include an update on standards based grading and reporting, final ACP meeting, Pillager Technology Plan, Distance Learning update and curriculum review.
Facilities Committee
Brian Grimsley moved; Steve Uban seconded to approve the School Facility Sponsorship Agreement for "In Consideration" Naming Privileges. The motion passed unanimously.
Superintendent Malmberg informed members that this agreement is entered into with CTC - Consolidated Telephone Company as a way to offer financial support and give back to the school and community. The new auditorium will be named the CTC Center.
Superintendent Malmberg then reviewed that quotes have been received for fencing and backstop improvements to the varsity baseball field and round cafeteria tables with chairs have been purchased. These will replace the cafeteria style tables in the high school commons. The existing tables have been sold to another school district.
Personnel Committee
Superintendent Malmberg recognized Pillager School nominees for Sourcewell 2020 Educators of Excellence:
Melissa Bouc, Elementary Special Education Teacher
Kaitlin Rondeau, Middle School Science
Karl Kaufmann, High School Science
Superintendent Malmberg shared that currently there are no open positions for next school year and that he will continue to monitor enrollment numbers throughout the summer. Member Steve Uban asked if enrollment numbers remained the same throughout distance learning. Superintendent Malmberg stated that there were 3 or 4 students that left as parents decided to homeschool.
Policy Committee - meeting held Wednesday, May 6, 2020
Becky Bennett moved; Sara Nagel seconded to remove Policy #617 - School District Ensurance of Preparatory and High School Standards. The motion passed unanimously.
Committee Chair Becky Bennett also reviewed that this was the 1st Reading of Policy #902 - Facility Building Use and Policy #524 - Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use.
Becky Bennett moved; Sara Nagel seconded to approve grading policy changes to the 2019-2020 Secondary Student Handbook. The motion passed unanimously.
Superintendent Malmberg reviewed that administratively they have met with Paul Bunyan Coop to review summer school and ESY services for students this summer. It was decided that these services would be provided through district learning and parents could choose to opt in or out. MDE then announced guidelines for schools to provide services in a classroom setting. The Administration will conference call with PBC and other school tomorrow to further discuss but feels the recommendation for ESY services will remain as distance learning. He also stated that administration will discuss possible intervention programs for students in the fall.
Superintendent Malmberg also shared that administration has looked at ideas for possibly having to extend distance learning in the fall for all students. Part of this plan will work together with the Pillager Technology Plan to allow for 1 to 1 technology and online classes in the fall. Superintendent Malmberg then gave an update on the Technology Plan for this summer and reviewed that elementary and middle school teacher stations will receive an interactive TV to replace smart boards, a document camera and a 2 in 1 tablet device which will allow for more mobility in the classroom and also impact distance learning. Pillager school staff was sent a survey regarding distance learning to get their feedback on what worked or didn't work and ideas if distance learning is extended. Result will be shared with the curriculum committee.
Secondary Principal Jason Savage, with a handout, reviewed with board members Pillager Graduation 2020 plan. Graduation is scheduled for Friday, May 22nd in the south parking lot of the school. It will be a drive-in-theatre style and students and their families will be in their cars. CASH 95.5 will broadcast live and CTC will provide a mobile hotspot so it can be viewed online. Students will individually walk across a stage to receive their diplomas while the audience views from their vehicles. A short parade through Pillager will follow.
Sara Nagel moved; Becky Bennett seconded to approve the 2020 Senior Graduation plan. The motion passed unanimously.
Superintendent Malmbergs' Report
•Summer Food Service program - USDA has extended the non-congregated service through August 31st. Curbside service will be available - no delivery.
•Essential workers that need child care will now have to sign up for Fun Stop.
•Pre-construction meeting with Nor-Son tomorrow - protocol in place for COVID-19 plan. Waiting for State Plan review from MDE but have received health, plumbing and electrical permits.
•Administrative retreat with Sourcewell is in June.
•Plant Give Away sale was very well received and all plants were gone by noon. Thank you to Karl Kaufmann, Ann Hutchison and the Forestry Department
•2020-2021 Budget update and State deficit.
With no further business to come before this meeting, Chairman Scott Mudgett called for a motion to adjourn. Sara Nagel so moved; seconded by Brian Grimsley and the meeting adjourned at 7:32 pm. Respectfully submitted, School Board Secretary Lori Blumke