(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, Sep

(Published in the Brainerd Dispatch, September 21, 2022, 1t.) CITY OF BAXTER, MINNESOTA ORDINANCE 2022-013 SUMMARY OF ORDINANCE NO. 2022-012 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING THE TEXT OF TITLE 9, CHAPTER 7 OF THE BAXTER CITY CODE At a regular meeting on September 6, 2022, the Baxter City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2022-012 Title 9, Chapter 7 of the Baxter City Code, Electrical Act. A summary of Ordinance No. 2022-012 is outlined below. The complete ordinance may be inspected by any person from 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday at the Baxter City Hall located at 13190 Memorywood Dr., Baxter, MN 56425. The following is only a summary of the ordinance. Title 9, Building Regulations Chapter 7, Electrical Act The City Council has determined that publication of the title and summary of Ordinance No. 2022-012 as set forth in this summary will clearly inform the public of the intention and effect of the ordinance. The Council also directs that only the title and this summary be published. Adopted by the City Council of the City of Baxter on this 6th day of September, 2022. This Ordinance shall take effect upon its summary publication in the City’s official newspaper. Darrel Olson, Mayor ATTEST: Kelly Steele, Assistant City Administrator/Clerk