SUMMARY PUBLICATION OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS CROW WING COUNTY, MINNESOTA Per Minnesota Statute 375.12, “Publication of Proceedings” Meeting held on 03/28/23 The full text is available for public inspection at the County Administrator’s Office Regular meeting of County Board – 9:00 AM – all members present. Barrows/Lubke - to approve minutes of 03/14/23 regular County Board meeting. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Koering - to approve agenda of 03/28/23 regular County Board meeting. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Lubke/Koering - to approve consent agenda. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Lubke - to approve Proclamation of April 2023 as Second Chance Month in Crow Wing County. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Koering/Houge - to approve Resolution re: Indian Jack Lake WMA Tax Forfeit Parcel Acquisition. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Barrows/Houge - to approve Resolution Authorizing Adoption of Revisions to Land Use Ordinance & Repeal County Interim Ordinance No. 2201. Motion Passed [Unanimous] County Administrator reported on behalf of Senior Management Team. Barrows/Koering - to adjourn at 9:39 AM. Motion Passed [Unanimous] Timothy J. Houle County Administrator (April 19, 2023) 214190