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Police arrest Minneapolis man after chase through Baxter, Brainerd

Stop the spending

Planning is in the process to rebuild South Sixth Street. The powers to be want to eliminate two traffic lanes and make it a two lane street with bike lanes. Does this sound idiotic to you? The street is just fine in its present configuration; Two lanes would cause considerable traffic congestion, but as always it seems the bicyclists want to turn our city into their own little world. It seems they have convinced the powers to be to start by making a bike Lane on Willow Street with no consideration given to the residential parking on this street. There is not enough parking the way it is when services are being held at St. Andrew’s Church (and yes they also need to increase the size of their parking lot).

What the bike riders do not realize is that the residents of this street are assessed for the upgrade of their street. Also state gas tax money is applied to the upgrade. Does this sound fair? The bike riders pay no gas tax and are not assessed for this street.

I would suggest that if the city deems it necessary to build these bike lanes that they institute immediate bike licensing at a high enough rate to cover the cost of these bike lanes (or trails) and remove the burden from the taxpayers.

Enough is enough stop the spending and bonding; who is going to pay for all of this? Elect new council people and mayor; return no incumbent to office.