Author Frank Weber releases third True Crime Thriller, ‘Last Call’

Author releases third book in series involving Investigator Jon Fredrick; a launch event of his new book is scheduled Saturday

Author Frank Weber
Author Frank Weber will discuss his newest book “Last Call” from 4-6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19, at Roundhouse Brewery in Brainerd. Submitted Photo

An unthinkable evil is preying on young women in a tight-knit northern Minnesota community in a book written by author Frank Weber. It's a terrifyingly twisted case that will alter the lives of everyone close to Investigator Jon Fredrick -- and maybe even end the lives of a few, according to a news release about the book’s release.

Using his understanding of how predator’s think, knowledge of victim trauma and actual court cases, author Frank Weber’s newest novel, “Last Call” published by North Star Press, is the third book in his highly-acclaimed award-winning Investigator Jon Frederick series that includes “Murder Book” and “The I-94 Murders.”

Weber will appear for the official launch of “Last Call” from 4-6 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19, at Roundhouse Brewery in Brainerd. The launch includes a 5 p.m. book talk with an author, with a question and answer period to follow. The event is free and open to the public.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune, in a news release, stated Weber is “An author who knows his material.”

As a 25 year veteran of the forensic psychology profession, Weber has spent a large portion of his life in service to those in need. As the clinic director at CORE Professional Services, his work has ranged from assessing murderers chained to the cement floor in the basement of a prison to providing therapy for wealthy professionals who’ve engaged in multiple affairs. Weber has testified as an expert witness in numerous sexual assault and homicide cases and has received the President’s Award from the Minnesota Correctional Association for his forensic work.


To relieve some of the stress he encountered during his forensic career, Weber turned to fiction writing as a way of detaching from the human tragedies that are routinely part of his caseload. Weber released his first true-crime novel, “Murder Book,” in 2017. His second book and a Midwest Independent Publishers Association winner,” The I-94 Murders,” was published in September 2018. His third book released this month -- “Last Call” -- continues the saga of the flawed but brilliant protagonist, Jon Fredrick, the news release stated.

In “Last Call,” Fredrick is encased in a cloud of suspicion and fear as the sinister acts of abduction and murder wreak havoc in a rural community. To protect his family, his friends and even his enemies, Fredrick must use his wits, old-school police work, cutting-edge forensics, and his own specially created algorithm to identify and catch a terrifying predator criminal who is preying on his community. The story begins as 19-year-old Audrey Evans suddenly disappears during a bitterly cold winter’s night after leaving a convenience store in Brainerd. As a BCA investigator, Fredrick is called in and is determined not to let the young teen end up one of the 40,000 missing women in the U.S.

Described as a “spine-tingling thriller that tests an investigator’s tender compassion and the gritty resilience of a soft-spoken young woman,” Weber has crafted yet another riveting thriller that will keep readers guessing until the very end.

Fans of true-crime thrillers will be pleasantly surprised that “Last Call” can be read as a stand-alone novel without needing to read the prequels. Readers will also be drawn into the story by the continued conflict and torment in the main character’s life, the news release stated. The chaos of the young investigator’s work spills over into his personal life as a deceptive past lover puts his relationship with his long-time love, Serena, in jeopardy. The fuse of an explosive situation ignites after the investigator’s name is used to solicit a woman, and one last call will detonate it all.

“I filled the story with hometown characters that every rural Minnesotan can identify with,” Weber shared. “’Last Call’, as with all of my books, also has a broader appeal that fans of fiction thrillers and true-crime novels can connect with and enjoy.”

Weber revealed his two decades of experience as a forensic psychology profession has given him an insight into human behavior and violent acts that few authors possess. Having counseled women who have been abducted and abused has given him a front-row seat to understanding the victim’s turmoil and thought processes. That insider knowledge, and understanding of violent crimes, is deeply steeped into the pages of “Last Call.”

“In the book, character Jon Frederick states early on that ‘even killers are heroes in their own stories,’” Weber added. “That is an example of the gritty insightfulness that comes with being a veteran forensic psychologist for over 25 years and I feel it adds an unbeatable authenticity, suspense and realism to the story.”

“Last Call” is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Last Call book Cover
Author Frank Weber’s newest novel, “Last Call” published by North Star Press, is the third book in his highly-acclaimed award-winning Investigator Jon Frederick series that includes “Murder Book” and “The I-94 Murders.” Submitted Photo

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