Fine Arts Student of the Week: Cronquist displays ‘excellent work ethic ... high-quality work’

Advisers in the fine arts programs at Brainerd High School name a Fine Arts Student of the Week every week.

Carley Cronquist
Brainerd High School freshman Carley Cronquist was named Fine Arts Student of the Week for her work in visual arts. Jennifer Kraus / Brainerd Dispatch

Carley Cronquist

Grade: Freshman

Age: 14

Art focus: Brainerd High School Art.

Adviser nomination: “I have had the great pleasure of having Carley Cronquist in my Intro to Arts this semester. Carley displays excellent work ethic and puts together high-quality work. What has been most impressive is that she has maintained this level of performance in distance learning. She attends every class online and has kept up with all of her assignments, which many students are struggling with right now,” adviser Joseph Wagner stated.


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Memorable fine arts achievement: Being named Fine Arts Student of the Week for art.

Artist most admired: Robin Williams.

What is your favorite art medium? Sketching with a pencil.

Talk about what you’ve done in class? We haven’t really been doing much. We have been working with watercolor and we did this thing called Zentangle, which is like basically just pen art, I guess. We also did a digital portrait and then a shattered value one. Back at Forestview (Middle School) we did a lot of stuff with nature.

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My favorite pieces are the digital portrait and the drawing I did. We used Google drawing for the digital portrait. I didn’t think it was that hard to do, but that is my opinion. He (the teacher) said he didn’t want too much detail, but he wanted some detail and I’m happy with the way mine turned out. I did mine with my cat Alley.

The other drawing is what they call a shattered value. So basically you just shattered the picture to almost look like glass, and I did a tree on that one. And I think I did a tree because that was like a big part of my favorite play, which is “Dear Evan Hansen.” There's really not much more to say with that. I liked that one because It was more like sketching than the rest of the assignments.

Is it hard to get assignments done on time? I have art first hour, and I don't know, but I can't really do art that early in the morning. So I always have to do it after class and everything so I guess just trying to get it done on time. I usually put on some music and sit down and kind of get it all done in one or two nights.

During class he usually does a recap of what we should be doing. Sometimes he’ll have us put in how far we are on our assignments and then let us go. He always sends us videos with instructions or guidance for us to watch.


Dream job: Cosmology. Something related to the expansion or fate of the universe.

Favorite movie: “The Breakfast Club.”

Favorite TV show: “Friends.”

Favorite book: “Renegade,” by J.A. Souders.

Favorite song: “Build Me Up Buttercup,” The Foundations.

Favorite band: The Beach Boys.

Favorite restaurant: Five Guys.

Favorite subjects: Art and math.


Food you can’t live without: Bacon.

Activity you’ve done for years? I’ve been bowling like forever. It’s relaxing and I like the people. I’m on a Saturday junior bowling league at Jack’s House (when it's open) and the high school’s bowling team.

Hobbies: Reading and watching movies.

Parent’s names and city you live in: Cory and Michaelle Cronquist of Brainerd.

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