Fine Arts Student of the Week: Watercolors is sophomore’s forte

Advisers in the fine arts programs at Brainerd High School name a Fine Arts Student of the Week every week.

Rose Loschko
Brainerd High School sophomore Rose Loschko smiles during an interview through Google Meets during her family vacation in Florida. Loschko was named this week's Fine Arts Student of the Week. Screenshot / Jennifer Kraus

Rose Loschko

Grade: Sophomore.

Age: 16.

Art focus: Brainerd High School Visual Arts.

Adviser nomination: “Rose has done an amazing job in painting so far this year. Whether it be distance learning or in-person, she has kept up with her work. Her artwork that she has done so far has been exceptional. I can tell she takes pride in her work and that she loves art!”


Memorable fine arts achievement: Receiving this recognition for my artwork.

Artist most admired: Ms. Lea Anderson, art teacher at BHS.

Other fine arts activities: Piano.

What do you like to paint? I’ve just really loved watercolor forever. That's just been the easiest form of art for me. I just really like it. I like mixing the colors and like how they bleed together, I like doing that. And I like painting landscapes and stuff, that’s my favorite.

Rose's artwork
Brainerd High School sophomore Rose Loschko's created this watercolor painting using a two-point perspective. Submitted Photo

This year, our last project was a cartoon character and we did it in watercolor and used different watercolor techniques. So that was really fun to do. Just using the different shading and different values to really make it come to life and, like pop.

I also like to draw and use color pencils too.


Biggest challenge while creating? Honestly, it's just like getting the art piece started.

I'm kind of a perfectionist, so I want it to look perfect and look good. But honestly, once I just start, and I kind of get stuff going then it starts to come together on the paper.

Yeah, so the biggest challenge is always getting it started and not having to worry that it's going to be perfect, and just kind of letting that go.

Proudest piece? My favorite piece was last year in ninth grade. We did a two point perspective, I'm not sure if that's what it's called, but it was like one of our last pieces, and it was using watercolor to do a landscape of some sort. And I did one of a house by a waterfall.

What makes your work stand out from others? I really like to pay attention to detail and make sure that the areas that need to be shaded are done right. Paying attention to detail really is the biggest thing.

Rose 2
Brainerd High School sophomore Rose Loschko's created this zentangle, art piece. Submitted Photo

How did you deal with perfection in your work? I am also an anxious person, so painting is a way that I can relieve my stress, and just kind of let go of stuff, even being like a perfectionist. I'm able to just not worry about anything, and let it go. If it doesn't work out and I don't like it I will start again. Painting is a way for me to get stuff off my mind.


Where are you now? My family is in Florida. We got here Feb. 26 and we’ll be home Saturday, March 13. It’s been really nice doing online schooling, that is why we were able to do this.

We come here every year and go to Anna Maria Island on the west coast. My grandparents come down here in the winter so we usually come and visit them. We have our little spot we always go to, as a family and my grandparents live like two blocks away. We spend time as a family and go to the beach and the pool.

The mask mandate is lifted, I think in Florida, but in the park we're at masks are still required. A lot of people are still wearing them.

Dream job: Have my own business or be an interior designer.

Favorite movie: Anything Disney.

Favorite TV show: Currently “WandaVision.”

Favorite book: “Unbroken” by Laura Hillenbrand.

Favorite song: “Dancing in the Moonlight.”


Favorite band: I can’t pick!

Favorite restaurant: Rafferty’s Pizza.

Favorite subject: Art and math.

Perfect meal: My mom’s spaghetti with her chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Biggest pet peeve: Loud chewers.

Sports/clubs: Gymnastics.

Hobbies: Skiing, wakesurfing and painting.

Wakesurfing story? I've been working on being able to do a 360. I haven't gotten it yet, but, I got really close to it last summer so I'm gonna be working on that.


Parent’s: Ellie and Mark Loschko, East Gull Lake.

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