Fine Arts Student of Week: Pottery student possess creative flair

Advisers in the fine arts programs at Brainerd High School name a Fine Arts Student of the Week every week.

Isabel Bundy
Brainerd High School senior Isabel Bundy holds up one of her pottery pieces Oct. 29 before classes became distance learning everyday. Bundy now has to finish her pottery pieces up at home. Submitted Photo

Isabel Bundy

Grade: Senior

Age: 17.

Art focus: Brainerd High School Art.

Adviser nomination: “Isabel Bundy is an easy choice as our Fine Arts Student of the Week for pottery. Isabel is a very detail orientated potter with a creative flair. She takes the given project and makes it into a complex and unique creation. Isabel has a strong work ethic and goes beyond the project criteria. Congratulations Isabel you are very deserving!”


Memorable fine arts achievement: Placing in my first writing contest in sixth grade.

Artist most admired: Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter.

Other fine arts activities: Speech and orchestra.

What do you enjoy about pottery: I really like doing art. I like pottery and I like painting because I feel like it's easier to like mold what you want to see. I also joined pottery because I really like the teachers and I wanted to get more experience. I also did the independent visual arts program and I can do the pottery pieces that I want to do for that program.

I just wanted an escape from the school day.

Isabel Artwork
Pottery pieces await in the art room at Brainerd High School, for senior Isabel Bundy to work on. Submitted Photo


Biggest challenge in pottery: For me it's trying to get it exactly like what I have in my head. The clay can sometimes be too dry to work with and it's hard to like, especially at home, trying to shape exactly what I want without having the help of Mrs. Anderson or Mr. Jensen, at the high school, all the time, how it was in pottery one. With the changes with the school schedule we have to take our art pieces home to work on. I don’t have a pottery wheel at home and with the construction at the school, we don’t have the pottery wheels at the school either this semester, so everything has had to be hand built.

Working on now: I’m working on our second project. We got to choose one from a list and I'm working on a coil pot. I'm gonna shape little coils, out of clay in kinda like a spiral, and then put them together, in like a globe sort of piece and make it look like an aquarium and put fish on the outside of it. I think it'll be really cool. But I don't know how I'm gonna get like the circle to stay up and not collapse because it's gonna be hard to get it off a mold if I want it to be like closed on the bottom.

Explain your creative flair: For me, it's just thinking outside the box. My mom is an artist here in town, and she does art out of butterfly jewelry so she's always taught us like nobody else makes artwork like hers. So she's always taught us to think outside the box and to do what we want to do with our art. And so I look at the assignment as the very like baseline of what's required of me. Then I try to make every piece, how I want it to be. I think of something that I haven't seen before, and do something that I think would be really cool.

Dream job: Marine biologist.

Favorite movie: “Parasite.”

Favorite TV show: “Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated.”

Favorite book: Harry Potter.

Favorite song: “2seater” by Tyler the Creator.


Favorite band: Wallows.

Favorite restaurant: Sakura Express.

Favorite subject: Pottery.

Perfect meal: My grandma’s pasta stuffed shells.

Biggest pet peeve: People chewing with their mouths open.

Clubs: Girls Who Code — a national organization that helps girls become interested in science, technology, engineering and math -- and Rainbow Road, a LGBTQ that started a couple of years ago in the Brainerd area.

Hobbies: Painting, reading and hiking.

Parent’s names and city you live in: Holly Ulm and Tony Bundy, both of Brainerd.


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Isabel Artwork
Pottery pieces await in the art room at Brainerd High School, for senior Isabel Bundy to work on. Submitted Photo

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