Fine Arts Student of Week She’s a poet, but didn’t know it

"Writing helped me control a lot of things with my emotions, my temper and thoughts.," Maleia Heldt said. "It's calming for me to write. It's kind of like therapy. It's like going to a therapist, but it's going to my notebook and being able to not really talk to it, but basically talk to it and say how I'm feeling and let it all out basically."

Maleia Heldt
Brainerd High School junior Maleia Heldt smiles after a virtual interview with the Brainerd Dispatch. Heldt was named this week's Fine Arts Student of the Week for her work in creative writing. Screenshot / Jennifer Kraus

Maleia Heldt

Grade: Junior.

Age: 17.

Art focus: Brainerd High School Creative Writing.

Adviser nomination: “Maleia is an exceptional poet. Her words bring the experiences and people that she writes about to life. At the same time, her writings bring a smile to the faces of all who read it.”


Memorable fine arts achievement: Getting student of the week.

Artist most admired: Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Other fine arts activities: None.

What interested you in writing? I started writing because it’s a way I can get my thoughts out. I am not a good talker, I do not talk very well. So I’m able to write them out, which I like doing.

I have written in journals and some of them I have no idea where they are. Some are hidden in the closet. I was like 10 years old.

What did you write about? I was a child that could not control my temper. So that’s what I wrote about was my temper because I had to get it out somehow. I was never allowed to take it out on my siblings or anything else.

Writing helped me control a lot of things with my emotions, my temper and thoughts. It’s calming for me to write. It’s kind of like therapy. It’s like going to a therapist, but it’s going to my notebook and being able to not really talk to it, but basically talk to it and say how I’m feeling and let it all out basically.

Writing is something I’ve just always been able to do and I am good at. I enjoy writing stories that are not on a topic that I have to stick to.


What’s the poem you’re the proudest of? I don’t really have one. I mostly write poems when it’s for an assignment. Honestly, the poem I wrote was OK. I was like I will turn it in, not realizing how good it was. I read it over and I put my time into it and I didn’t know if this is what (the writing adviser) was asking for, but I guess it was.

Student of Week Poem
Brainerd High School junior Maleia Heldt wrote this reverse poem titled "Where Did The Time Go? for an assignment in creative writing. Heldt was named this week's Fine Arts Student of the Week. Submitted photo

Talk about your poems: When we started creative writing we did two poems. The first poem was about growing up, and it’s a reverse poem. So, it can go both ways. The first way it talks about growing up and how it’s scary and you don’t really understand how growing up is going to be all about when you’re just a kid. And then the other way, it goes how when you are all grown up, it’s not so bad after all. The second poem was just a Valentine’s Day poem that we had to write.

Now we are doing suspense stories.

What is the most challenging in the writing process? The most challenging part for me is probably the first sentence. The first sentence is something that I actually have to think about and put thought into it. And as soon as I get the first sentence done, I’m kind of just off and ready to go.

Dream job: Pediatric nurse. I am not sure where I want to go to college yet, but I want to be a pediatric nurse.

Favorite movie: “Elf.”


Favorite TV show: “Gilmore Girls” or “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Favorite book: I’m not a big reader.

Favorite song: Anything country.

Favorite band: The Lumineers.

Favorite restaurant: Prairie Bay.

Favorite subject: English.

Perfect meal: Au jus sandwiches, with homemade fries and a vegetable.

Phrases you overuse: I say sorry a lot.

Biggest pet peeve: Noises, any type of repetitive noise.

Hobbies: Shopping, writing, rollerblading, swimming and hanging out with friends.

Parents: Jared and Crystal Heldt of Brainerd.

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