LAKES jAM: ThundHerStruck to rock Lakes Jam for second year in a row

The all-girl AC/DC Tribute band will be rocking their way back to the Lakes Jam stage this summer at Brainerd International Raceway (BIR). ThundHerStruck which consists of Dyna, who plays the role as "Bon Johnson," Tina Wood as "Angus," Carin Tot...


The all-girl AC/DC Tribute band will be rocking their way back to the Lakes Jam stage this summer at Brainerd International Raceway (BIR).

ThundHerStruck which consists of Dyna, who plays the role as “Bon Johnson,” Tina Wood as “Angus,” Carin Toti as “Malcolm,” Andrea Zermeno as “Cliff” and Stephanie Leigh as “The Rudd-Ster” will perform at 4 p.m. June 28.

ThundHerStruck has performed worldwide, spreading the gospel of “Let There Be Rock” to audiences all the way from their home base of Los Angeles to the deserts of Iraq. For nearly five years, they’ve performed at a variety of events, including military tours, national and international festivals, fundraisers, trade shows, bike shows, corporate events and casinos.

The five ladies took a moment to do an email question and answer interview about their return to Brainerd:

Dispatch: Glad to have you back! What can Brainerd fans expect this year? What do you have up your sleeves?


Stephanie: “You have to come see the show to find out what fun, crazy surprises we have! ThundHerStruck always has something wild happening!

Andrea: “I’m not sure if I will be wearing sleeves! Heehee!”

Dispatch: What type of feedback did you girls get last year from the crowd? I have heard fans here are very excited that you are returning.

Dyna: “People in northern Minnesota have been so good to us!! I feel so honored that they enjoy our show so much!”

Andrea: “They were a very lively crowd. Hope to see them all again.

Stephanie: “And then some ... Bring your friends! It’s going to be a wild time!”

Dispatch: What have you been up to this past year?

Dyna: “We took a bit of a hiatus at the end of last year/beginning of this year, but we’re definitely rocking and rolling again! We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary, so I feel it was time for a well-deserved break.”


Stephanie: “Also, a few of us are in other tribute bands: Tina and Dyna are in an All-Girl Led Zeppelin tribute called Hammer of the Broads, Andrea is in an All-Girl KISS tribute, PRISS and I’m in a female Motley Crue tribute, ‘Motleys Crew.’ There’s a chance Dyna may be joining a Heart tribute soon as well.”

Dyna: “Or not ... We’ll have to wait and see. Lol!”

Andrea: “Yes, PRISS has been keeping me busy. We got to play the Kiss Kruize in October! And hopefully again this year.”

Dispatch: Has the band tried anything new - songs/materials/styles of any kind since we last talked?

Andrea: “Yea we got a few new songs.”

Dyna: “ThundHerStruck only plays AC/DC, so the style and material pretty much stays the same, although we may have learned a few new tunes ... (Wink! Wink!)”

Steph: “New songs, same high energy rockin’ show!”

Dispatch: For the people who have never heard of you, tell them who you are.


Andrea: “Thundherstruck, the ultimate All-Female tribute to AC/DC!”

Dyna: “Truth be told, we’re just a bunch of girls playing AC/DC, and doing our best to honor the music and band, and not act and play ‘girly.’”

Stephanie: “Yep, that’s us. Lol! ... A little more 411 is: We are out of LA and have a decade of incredible shows, events, military tours, fundraisers, etc. For more info on our past and present you can log onto our website.”

Dispatch: How does performing on stage make you feel?

Dyna: “Sweaty! Ha ha. Performing on stage is a blast! There’s no greater feeling than being able to do something you love to do and having people appreciate you for doing it!”

Andrea: “Like I can just be myself. So that’s great.”

Stephanie: “Like having a drink! Ha ha ha! We really have a very fun time doing what we’re doing!! And we are so grateful to those that enjoy our show along with us! Good friends, good tunes and good times! What could be better?”

Dispatch: Anything you want to add?

Stephanie: “Looking forward to rockin’ the Lakes Jam again this year! Thanks so much to everyone for having us back! Make sure and come to our merchandise table after the show. You can meet the band and we will have some fun free stuff for you all! XOXO See you there!”

Andrea: “Minnesota here we come!”


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