Sophomore is a strong leader in TV Pro

Brainerd High School sophomore proud of a Public Service Announcement she created on distracted driving.

Allyson Werhan
Brainerd High School Allyson Werhan smiles for a photo in front of her backdrop she uses for her video productions class. Submitted photo

Allyson Werhan

Grade: Sophomore.

Age: 15.

Art focus: Brainerd High School Video Productions II.

Adviser nomination: “Allyson has been killin' it all semester in Video Productions II. She has emerged as a strong leader in producing our student webcast, ‘The Warrior Weekly.’ She is dependable, hard-working and does it all with a great deal of enthusiasm.”


Memorable fine arts achievement: Fine Arts Student of the Week.

What do you like about TV Production? I really like coming up with ideas and being able to create something that other people like to enjoy and watch. It's fun to produce entertainment for other people.

Biggest challenge with producing the student webcast? Well, right now, especially with COVID times, when I’m doing the anchor clips and stuff like that — I personally have three brothers, so getting everyone kind of quiet and stuff like that is challenging. And coming up with new video ideas, because we don't really have the school news anymore really because we don't have sports and stuff. So it's been a little bit difficult to come up with new ideas for the shows.

Since distance learning we have done updates on sports and what’s happening with that and talk to Mr. Campbell and record his sounds. We’ve done some holiday specials and ask students and teachers some questions. We also have like a Warrior Wellness ... that just gives tips on how to stay safe or something on COVID, or how to help your mental health and stuff like that.

Role you don’t like in TV Production? I would have to say it’s my teacher’s role of editing the show together and coming up with the script. I don’t have to do that right now. Like coming up with the script, I guess I just don’t know what he wants me to say. I’m more of a structured person and I need rules and stuff to follow. Creativity is a little more difficult and then putting everyone’s ideas into one big show is hard. I mean I’d be able to do it.

Easiest part of TV Production? Probably the filming part. I like when you're actually filming because you have pre-production with coming up with the idea, you know what you’re gonna do, and once you have the idea it’s pretty easy to film it. And then, editing, I personally don't mind editing. It's a little more time consuming.

Proudest package? I like the PSA (Public Service Announcement) I did. I did a PSA on distracted driving and I really like putting that together. It was 30 seconds and I think it turned out really well. I filmed it and I had one of my brothers walking then like a car and created that type of scenario.

Right now, we're putting together Show 5 for the week ... we're getting all of our stories in to be edited.


Artist most admired: Tim Burton.

Dream job: Pediatrician or a lawyer.

Favorite movie: “Elf.”

Favorite TV show: “Gilmore Girls” or “Friends.”

Favorite author: Nicholas Sparks.

Favorite song: “This City,” by Sam Fischer.

Favorite band: Morgan Wallen.

Favorite restaurant: Fuji.


Favorite subject: Math.

What do you value in friendships: Loyalty and honesty.

Perfect meal: The perfect meal would be spent with family and friends.

Biggest pet peeve: When people are late or when I am late.

Sports: Softball.

Hobbies: Swimming.

Parents: Jennifer Werhan of Brainerd.

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