Clergy View: He is coming soon

Scripture tells us this will be as it is in the days before the King of Kings returns to set up His kingdom of holiness and peace and joy.

Hands raised in the sky with sunset in background. The shape of a cross is seen in the hands.

I was lying in my bed this morning looking out my window, trying to wake up when I saw the little bird.

She was sitting on top of the city light pole which so faithfully brightens my room when I am trying to sleep. (I close the blinds and all is well).

For several years this little bird hustles in the spring to build her nest on the roof above my balcony. I look forward to her coming each spring. Soon after her nest is built her mate comes along, they do their “happy dance” and the next thing I know there are a couple of eggs in the nest. This is their spring time routine. I can count on it.

There is very little that we can count on in our world anymore. Anyone notice the prices at the pumps? What used to buy an order of groceries now barely covers the basic nutritional needs. What has always been evil is now paraded in the streets as normal and good. The mass genocide of the unborn has resulted in over 63,000,000 deaths of our most vulnerable citizens. Their blood is on our hands. Our whole world is upside down. Evil is abounding. Just like God told us, through Timothy, is II Timothy 3:1-5 would happen and is happening before our very eyes. People will be lovers of self rather than lovers of God, without natural affections — false, betrayers, troublemakers, filled with self conceit, haters of what is good, disobedient to parents and laws, rioters, etc. You name it, we see it every day.

Scripture tells us this will be as it is in the days before the King of Kings returns to set up His kingdom of holiness and peace and joy. And He will have the final say. It seems the only things that are still obedient to His plan is nature. My friendly little bird, ocean tides, seasons and times. In our enlightenment the human race seems to have fallen from sanity into the twilight zone. Let us who proclaim the name that is above every name, Yeshua, Jesus the one and only way to salvation, shout it loud and clear. We need to dispense the Light of the world to a world daily growing darker!


We, as clergy and church leaders, have an obligation to the word of God that we teach, to the Blood of the Lamb, to the name of Jesus and to our people looking to us for truth. In James 3:1 we are warned that as teachers of the word we will be “…judged by a higher standard and with greater severity” than those to whom we preach/teach.

As I wrote in the Clergy View in July 2020, “No more time for ‘playing’ religious games, time to get into the armor of God and fight for freedom and peace!”

Let’s be found faithful, strong and bold! He is coming soon!

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