Clergy View: Setting goals and change

What areas in your life do you need to turn over to God to revamp?

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We are more than six weeks into the New Year. Have you stuck with your New Year's resolution or are they long forgotten and under your bed with the dust bunnies?

Change is hard. Whether it is being open-minded to another person’s way of doing things or becoming more disciplined to eat healthy. Scripture tells us in Romans 12:2, “Do not be conformed to this world; but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Each day we get to make decisions about what we think about. When we are in the Word of God it transforms us, our thought patterns as well as our attitudes. I am so thankful for the instructional manual for life (the Bible) for guidance.

Recently I made a choice to eat healthier to feel better. I had to pray about it. What draws me to the comfort foods? Exodus 20:3 reminds me to “not have any other gods before Him.” Am I using my “daily bread” to be something more than sustenance? I realize God gave us food to enjoy as well. Whether it’s food, social media or some other activity, is it taking up more time than what we spend with our Heavenly Father? Growing as a Christian requires us to constantly ask God to mold us into the individuals that He desires us to be. That requires change and time alone with Him.

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The time is now for the American church and pastor to stand up and speak out about the evil in our society and in our state.
So how do we hunger for something we are not sure we need or want? The righteousness of God pales in comparison to my Amazon wish list and the quiet desires of my heart.
Regardless of your poor decisions, whatever circumstances you find yourself in, or even the deep regret you may have, the change you need is found in Jesus.
Everywhere we go there are people who need to hear the message of salvation. Everywhere we go there are people who are hurting and lost and confused.
If you have never been part of a faith community, are you feeling a longing for something different?
God did send a King to care for us, but this King operated differently than you might first imagine.
The season of Advent is necessary to prepare us for Jesus’ return.
In Luke 15, we find a parable from the lips of Jesus about two sons who had this same dilemma. Thanksgiving might have been a hard time for them because their reality, the life they’d been given, did not match their hopes and expectations. Perhaps you can relate?
Consider Jesus in a fresh way today, especially if you are suffering.
Every minute that is consumed with thoughts of dread or fear distracts us from the promise God has made us. He has promised He is always with us and He has us by His right hand. He promises us He will never abandon or forsake us. He tells us to be anxious about nothing. How much do we believe this?

We live in a world of immediate gratification. If you want it, buy it, or if it feels good, do it. The words temperance (moderation or self-control) and prudence (discretion) have fallen from our vocabulary. As we start the Lenten season, I challenge you to give up something for God. In doing so, focus on all He gave for you and ask Him to let it draw you into His Presence. Many times, the things we cling to are replaced with something far better. God is just waiting for you to have the faith to trust Him.

I fondly think of the visual of the potter and the clay as God lovingly reveals character flaws that He wants to smooth out. What areas in your life do you need to turn over to God to revamp? Spring is a time of growth; I pray that you may have spiritual growth that is transformative.

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