Column: Fun things to try with extra Peeps after Easter

Photos and videos of creative uses for marshmallow Peeps

041221.N.BD.Peep Artist.jpg
Photo of a diorama of a Peep painting an Easter Egg. Kelly Humphrey / Brainerd Dispatch

As it turns out, I went a bit overboard this year when I saw the variety of Peeps at the store before Easter.

Now it's a week after Easter and I still have Peeps. It seems I can't eat more than one plain Peep at a time so I had to get creative if I was ever to rid myself of my excess marshmallow treats. Ideas included Peep dioramas, Peep play dough, Peep s'mores, putting a Peep in hot cocoa, microwaving Peeps and setting a Peep on fire (or at least trying to set a Peep on fire).

Here's a video of my efforts to use up Peeps.


And if you want to see a longer video of our attempts to set a Peep on fire, here you go.

And even after all of these efforts I still have Peeps left. Maybe I'll try Peep Rice Krispy treats next.

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