As we enter this week of Easter, I am reminded that as humans we are spiritual beings. Whatever you do or do not believe about God, humans are wired differently than the rest of creation. We are wired to relate in some form or fashion with our Creator. No worries if you believe there is no God. You are still exercising great faith! And, therefore, living with some sort of posture towards God.

I have discovered every person is living life with one of four postures. You are sitting in one of four chairs. And so am I.

Chair #1 is the control chair. This is the person who says I am going to do my thing, my way. I am going to stay in control of every decision as much as possible. I am going to choose not to trust anyone but myself.

Chair #2 is the chaos chair. This is the person who lives with chaos and confusion, staying as busy and numbing his or her life with as many antidotes as possible: work, hobbies, parties, sports, money, kids, friends. This person says, “I am going to fill my calendar and never slow down enough to listen to a divine voice.”

Chair #3 is the complacency chair. This is the person who says I believe in God and he is a part of my life but there is no intentional relationship or spiritual growth. There is no seeking, exploring, praying or discovering. This person says, “I am not as close to God as I want to be or should be but for now, I am going to stay on the sidelines. I will put effort into other areas of my life but not into my relationship with God. My life is OK. I know where God is should I ever need him.”

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Chair #4 is the commitment chair. This is the person that is seeking God by placing himself or herself in a position to listen and learn. God is leading them, and they are following him. They are engaging in regular spiritual disciplines and practices. They experience seasons of growth and dry times, but they are progressing on a journey of growth. They haven’t arrived, neither they nor God are finished, but they are open to whatever changes God wants to make and they desire to be more like Jesus each day. They are a new creation and being transformed and molded into the character and likeness of Christ. Their life is changed. They handle stress, temptation, anger, hurt and success differently than they once did.

Jesus gave his life, his security, his comfort, for you to have a vibrant committed relationship with his Father through the power of the Holy Spirit! What chair are you sitting in? What chair do you want to be sitting in? What is holding you back?

This Easter let’s move into the chair of commitment. Congratulations if you are already sitting there! Keep going and swim out into the deep waters of surrender all the further. There is no adventure in life like the joy of pursuing God knowing that he first pursued us. There is no healing, no companionship, no hope like that from our Heavenly Father.

You are loved! God bless you!

Hauser is a pastor and leadership coach and can be reached at