So what if, "when all is said and done," our benevolent Creator plans to give us a grade on how well we have handled the gift of life? (This grade is not about our salvation but about how well we are making our faith active in love-for the creation and our neighbor).

So then, how well have we:

1. Humbled ourselves in worship, thankful and repentant?

2. Controlled our emotions so that we can solve problems without the need for one to win at the expense of the other losing?

3. Contributed to the care of creation?

4. Made things right when we are the cause of the wrong?

5. Nurtured the young in the benefits and responsibilities of life as a Child of God?

6. Contributed to the needs of those who cannot adequately care for themselves?

7. Worked for peace?

8. Refused to use personal attacks that defame and/or shame another Child of God?

9. Recognize diversity is who we are?

10. Laughed more and criticized less?

11. Refused to tolerate evil acts toward anyone! Life is diminished when good is silent?

12. Remembered that to those whom much has been given, much is expected?

Worried? But we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. There is, after all, an enemy (evil) who makes our good efforts look bad and causes all sorts of problems in human relations. We do have some good news. Many of our serious mistakes are being addressed by good teachers and leaders in many critical aspects of life. Poor leaders and biased teachers cannot stand the test of time. The good will prevail! So, let's listen more and do what we can to rise to the standards of our seasoned teachers. Thankfully, "all is NOT said and done."

I think our overall grade is: D+ (Deficient, Needs Improvement). What do you think?

Do not despair. Do God's will. It will raise our GPA significantly. God really does want us to have life and have it abundantly. Although, it is time to put away the credit cards and start paying the bills.