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3 Things for Better Health - June 25

Need to be motivated to start the week off on a healthy note? Just try one or more of three things to start the week on the right path.

1. My Fitness Pal recently included beverages that can help with weightloss. Of course water tops the list and as noted it restores fluids lost through breathing, exercising and metabolism. It can also help in weightloss by drinking two glasses of water before meals.

Other beverages on the list include:

• green tea with the best freshly brewed without added sugar or cream,

• coffee (and, perhaps, amazingly a 2015 Journal of Sports Fitness and Physical Fitness study found people had more energy and could do more exercises (leg presses and bench presses) after drinking two to three cups of coffee before working out,

• Kombucha, which was described as a "fizzy, pleasantly puckery fermented beverage," with probiotic-rich bacteria added to lightly sweetened tea,

• Turmeric milk tea, which is recommended before bedtime to help with sleep, which is essential to weightloss, and it contains curcumin, which may shrink adipose cells and limit fat accumulation, My Fitness Pal noted.

2. Seven of the most effective exercises—listed by WebMD—have moves that need little in terms of equipment and can be done at home. Walking, interval training (think walking or jogging with sprint spurts), squats (keep knees behind toes), lunges, bent-over rows (this one uses a bar with weights), crunches and pushups (there are ways to modify this to make it work while developing strength.) Try adding one or two or all seven this week.

3. Looking for more ways to gain insight into health issues? The recent discussion on mental health—Let's Make it OK—with personal stories by lakes area residents is available online at and a discussion with Quinn Nystrom, including a talk about Type 1 diabetes is available at on the DispatchCast podcast.

For more tips from the weekly Three Things list, check out the Monday Motivator page each week in the Dispatch or e-edition, or go to and go to lifestyle to reach the drop-down menu for health or search using the keyword Monday Motivator.

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