Building resiliency is an important step in improving health and wellness in our community. Having an attitude of gratitude and focusing on the positive things in life can help to build your resiliency for when the going gets tough.

Crow Wing Energized is spreading resilience and growing a positive attitude in residents of Crow Wing County to help improve overall mental health, which is also linked to physical health. Crow Wing Energized's Mental Fitness goal group has created resiliency tools to help lead this effort, each designed with a focus on building resilience:

3 Good Things Notepads

Pausing each day to remember three good things that happened helps refocus your mind on the positive. Place these on a bedside table and reflect at the end of each day.

Attitude of Gratitude

Create a culture of gratitude by posting an Attitude of Gratitude tree in your organization, and use the Attitude of Gratitude post-it notes to have people display what they are grateful for in their lives.

A Guide to Healthy Sleep

Lack of adequate sleep affects our judgment, mood, ability to learn, and over time increases risk of health problems. The Guide to Healthy Sleep booklet gives tips for healthy sleep at every stage of life.

Make It OK

On average people wait 10 years to seek help for mental illness, often due to stigma. In Crow Wing County, more than 1 in 4 adults (28.2 percent) are dealing with a mental illness. Reducing stigma is the goal of the Make It Ok campaign. Trained ambassadors are available to present to your organization and open the conversation to reduce stigma.

Being aware of good things in your life can significantly improve mental, social, and physical well-being.

If you would like more information on tools to build resilience in Crow Wing County, contact Cassie Carey at


5 Ways to Increase Resiliency and Wellness in the Workplace

Attend the second annual Workplace Wellness Conference and become equipped with tools to increase stress reduction and resiliency building skills and reduce mental health stigma reduction in the workplace.

Featured speaker is Kay King, National Alliance on Mental Illness Minnesota

community educator.

This conference will help you to create a workplace that values good mental health and employee well-being.

Participants will also learn how to:

1. increase mental health awareness and desire to reduce stigma using the Make It OK campaign,

2. increase stress reduction and resiliency building skills,

3. network and provide shared learning opportunities with other workplaces throughout the

community surrounding healthy eating, physical activity, tobacco reduction, and breastfeeding


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