Greetings from the Hallett Center in Crosby! What a time to be alive, isn’t it?

While we all need to do our part in being aware and cognizant of our health as we move into the cold and flu season, we encourage you not to put your fitness journey on hold (or delay starting it!).

Exercise has so many benefits in addition to getting fit and strong. Chemically, physical activity changes us. Being active can create hormones to make us happier, slow down the aging process on a basic cell level, boost our immune system and most importantly, provide us with an enhanced ability to go through our daily lives.

With snow and ice right already here, balance should be on everyone’s minds. Everyone ranges from children walking to and from school, new moms with their babes securely strapped to their body, those of us who have to shovel copious amounts of snow, active older adults, anyone going to the grocery store or appointments and beyond. A fall can happen anywhere to anyone. While there are many things we can do to help prevent falls, perhaps the most inherent and significant is making sure we have control of our body.

From the physically fit angle, that means we have healthy, strong muscles to help us navigate our surroundings. Flexibility and bodyweight training are two great options to prime our bodies for the upcoming season.

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If you struggle to establish a consistent workout routine at home, you are not alone! Gyms are a great resource. Work out on your own, with a gym buddy, hire a personal trainer or join an energetic group fitness class. There is something for everyone at the gym.

At the Hallett Center in Crosby, we are preparing for the great cool down that not only creates a potentially treacherous outdoor setting but encourages us to spend more time inside. With this downtime, people begin to think more and more about that gym down the street. We have spent a rejuvenating summer here at the Hallett Center fine tuning our COVID-19 response procedures and perfecting them in addition to fresh coats of paint, door replacements, and other projects. With that being said, our facility and friendly staff are ready to welcome everyone in from the cold.

For specific details on preparedness plans/COVID-19 response, memberships, signing up for time slots in our Fitness Center, Pool or group fitness classes, please visit Our ice rink will be open for skating and hockey by the end of October. The eager personal trainer (yours truly) is ready to welcome new clients and join in on navigating the journey we call “getting fit.”

If you have additional questions or inquiries, please email or call 218-546-2616. We hope to see you around!