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Her Voice Magazine - Spring 2022

By Women. For Women. About Women.

“Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.” - Anonymous

Even though this issue of Her Voice is hitting the stands while there’s still snow on the ground, Happy Spring, readers!

I know it’s only February but it’s already been a long winter. I’m looking forward to sunshine, melting snow and the possibilities of all things new the spring season brings.

I’m sure Cindy Gibbs is looking forward to spring so she can get back to doing what she loves — fishing. New to Her Voice, writer Alyson Levig interviewed Cindy about her passion for fishing.

And speaking of passion, writer Sheila DeChantal introduces us to the 100+ Women Who Care group in the Brainerd lakes area. Under the guidance of Shawn Hansen and Denise Laudenbach, this group of passionate women is doing big things in the nonprofit world.


You’ll also read about Luan Thomas-Brunkhorst, the director of the Long Prairie Chamber of Commerce, who is blending cultures and passionately promoting all that Long Prairie and its residents have to offer.

Joyce and Kevin Day have opened The Door in Laporte, a coffee house and emergency shelter. The home, which has been renovated, is considered one of the oldest in Laporte at almost 120 years old. Read Sue Ready’s story to find out how The Door is helping establish relationships within the community, something the Days are passionate about.

The aforementioned women are just a small sampling of what this issue has to offer. There are many other stories of inspiring and passionate w omen and their stories are being told because of the passionate writers who want to tell those stories. And of course, Her Voice photographer Joey Halvorson loves capturing the smiles of these wonderful women in photos for all of us to enjoy.

Thank you to our advertisers, new and old. It’s because of your support I get to continue helping tell the stories of amazing women in the Brainerd lakes area and beyond.


• Her Story

100+ Women Who Care

In August of 2018, longtime friends Shawn Hansen and Denise Laudenbach had an idea. What if a group of likeminded community loving women all gave to the same nonprofit at one time? What a difference this could make in our community and a game changer to the nonprofit.


What if…'

• Her Passion

Hooked on Fishing

Cindy Gibbs’ natural gift of fishing, which now has morphed into a successful career, began alongside her father who taught Gibbs the basics at the young age of 5.

• Her Table

Springtime spread to tempt your taste buds


Creamy Cauliflower Gnocchi, Meyer Lemon Tart, and Pigs in the Blanket

• Her Career

The Door of Possibilities

Joyce Day, along with her husband, Kevin, are focusing on relationships at The Door coffee shop and emergency shelter in Laporte.

• Her Health

Indoor House Workout


Winter is still in full force so it's time to take your workout inside. There is no need to leave your house to get a good full body burn.

• Her Culture

Luan Thomas-Brunkhorst: La Promotora de Long Prairie – the Promoter of Long Prairie

Luan Thomas-Brunkhorst’s multilingual background prepared her for recognizing the inseparable connection between language and culture. Read Jan Kurtz’s story to see what “Frau Lu” is doing in Long Prairie.

• My Voice

Spring: A Lovely Reminder


• Her Story

The Dream Dress for a Deal

• Her Family

Honoring Corey

• For Her



• Her Story

The Many Hats of Marilyn

• Her Art

Normal, but in a different way

• Her Travels

Pivot: Community Bonaire

On the cover: Shawn Hansen (left), and Denise Laudenbach, co-founders of the 100+ Women Who Care Brainerd Lakes group, pose with balloons at the second meeting of the group in January. Photo by Joey Halvorson.

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