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Photo by Rick Hammer, Courtesy of Lands End Development


It’s a jungle in there

You don’t have to have a green thumb to bring the outdoors inside. Water, sunshine, the right plants and a little devotion can make your home a lush paradise of greenery. Plants can also bring joy during the winter months.

Staying on trend


2023 is full of exciting trends. It’s a new year, a chance to start fresh and that means not only with everyday lifestyle choices but in our homes as well. People are requesting multi-use spaces with an emphasis on sustainability, mindfulness and eco-friendly designs. Transforming these spaces from closed in to open including places for family and friends to hang out, cook together and relax while still providing a balance with a home office or gym is on the forefront. There’s a lot to consider in creating the perfect curated space we all call home.

On The Cover:

Lands End Development truly loves what they do. They are thrilled to help people take their own dreams of a future home or renovation and work with them to make those dreams a reality. They have been in this highly competitive industry for nearly a decade and have built and remodeled more than 150 homes using four simple principles: Quality, Creativity, Value and Service.

Photo by Rick Hammer, Courtesy of Lands End Development


Harnessing the power of Mother Nature with geothermal energy -

Using a system of underground pipes, geothermal heat pumps keep a home at a perfect temperature while reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Building a retirement home -

One Brainerd area couple completed their retirement home after careful consideration of the project. They wanted this home to meet their future needs.


Embracing contemporary design while remaining functional -

People are building spaces they don’t want to leave but there has to be a balance between functionality and a spa-like retreat. The most recent contemporary design trends have that — a healthy balance of eloquent and humble.

Today’s trends in flooring embrace texture -


When it comes to choosing flooring for your home, the most important thing you have to consider is your family’s lifestyle. Personal taste used to determine if you preferred carpet, wood or tile. Today there are even more options. Some of these include a natural raw look, grains and even a rough texture.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, Key -

Moving into 2023, the markets in the Brainerd lakes area are cooling a bit. But is it a buyers market yet? Not quite. While nationally market times and inventory are slowly increasing, Minnesota appears to buck the trend.


First comes love, then comes cabins -

A couple from Brazil, Grand Marais build luxury rentals featured in Conde Nast, HBO’s ‘Cabin Chronicles’

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