Brainerd High School (BHS) ninth-grader Kirsten Schroer of Girl Scout Troop 395 will host an event Friday at the BHS South Campus to present a driving simulator to the class.

The project, titled "One Text or Call Could Wreck it All," is part of Schroer's Gold award, the top award for being a Girl Scout which she is working on earning. The mission of the project is to educate her peers on what distracted driving is and what people can do to make roads safer.

The ninth-grader will bring the Arrive Alive Texting While Driving/Distracted Driving Simulator to the school. The goal of the event is to have more than 500 of her peers experience texting and distracted driving first hand without actually being in a dangerous situation. She said she will have a passenger eye view set up so that those students standing around the simulator will be able to experience what the driver is doing. At the end the students will be given a mock ticket so that they can see the physical and legal dangers of texting and distracted driving.