Summer and garage sale seasons go hand-in-hand, and city officials want to remind residents of the regulations regarding garage sales and signs.

Brainerd City Planner Mark Ostgarden said city regulations state a garage sale cannot last more than 72 hours or occur more than four times at a given location within one year.

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Signs identifying garage sale locations have started to pop up as well, Ostgarden said, with several major street intersections becoming a popular location for signs. Garage sale signs are permitted in the community with the following limits:

• One off-premises sign is permitted on private property, which means permission is required from the landowner where the sign will be placed.

• A sign is allowed for a period of seven days prior to the garage sale.

• Signs should not be more than 6 square feet in size and not more than 3 feet in height.

Garage sale signs are not permitted in any street right-of-way, meaning signs appearing at street corners are violating the city ordinance. Garage sale signs observed by city staff and determined to be in a street right-of-way will be removed and disposed.

Residents with questions should call the city of Brainerd at 218-828-2309.