PINE RIVER-Nine counties attending a district Association of Minnesota Counties meeting Sept. 15 to set policies to bring to the state Legislature in 2017 voted unanimously to support Cass County's position on two issues, Administrator Robert Yochum reported Tuesday.

Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and Cass-and now the AMC district-support having the state share 20 percent rather than 10 percent of the amount of sales taxes the state collects on Indian reservations that have casinos.

Cass also gained unanimous support for allowing counties, with support from their local Indian reservation or city or township to set a 35 mile-per-hour speed limit on a road they declare to be a rural residential road. Currently, a county cannot set a lower, rural residential speed limit. Only the state can.

The county board passed a resolution recognizing Federal Dam native Anne McKeig's recent appointment as an associate justice to the Minnesota Supreme Court, noting that her appointment serves as an example of leadership "for those that grow up here 'in the sticks up north.'"

The commissioners approved the city of Pillager's application, which the Legislature already approved, to convey eight land parcels in the tax forfeited Crossing development to the city without charge.

They canceled 33 checks totaling $1,190.77 issued in 2015 that people have failed to cash. The checks ranged in value from $1 to $304.

The audit of Cass County financial records found no major weaknesses in the county's record keeping, but did find the county failed to transfer over information about a Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage grant the county received when the county converted its accounting system from cash to accrual. That amount was added back to correct the oversight.

Cass has received $691,415.41 interest on investments through August this year, up from the $615,793.35 received in the same period in 2015.

The commissioners approved a county election emergency plan.

They accepted $100 from the Longville American Legion Auxiliary Post 458 to be used for the veterans transportation program.

Kurt Sawyer was the lowest of three bidders to win the contract to remove storm damaged trees from the Deerfield, Bungo/Moose Lake and Bull Moose trails for $1,995.

Sawyer Timber was the lowest of three bidders to win a $1,500 contract to remove an old fence section in north May Township. This site will be prepared and planted with red pine later this fall.

Schrupp Excavating won the contract to deliver gravel to Snoway One snowmobile trail to repair the trail. It currently is being used as a timber access road.

The board approved a $500 easement to give Christopher and Elizabeth Flier and Thomas F. Johnson access to their properties across county tax forfeited lands.

Commissioners Neal Gaalswyk and Scott Bruns were out of town and did not attend Tuesday's board meeting.