Blaine schools closed after city-wide water loss


BLAINE - Blaine residents were without water to drink or bathe Sunday morning as city officials scrambled to restore an interruption described as “a city-wide loss of water.”

Residents were instructed to boil drinking water and classes were canceled at six schools for Monday, including Blaine High School.

Officials said the cause of the disruption was still a mystery. Early indications were that it did not appear to be a water main break, said Mayor Tom Ryan.

“The water is back up and running, and if it was a water break it would be shooting all over the place,” he said.

Meanwhile, the public works department was “working on identifying the problem and solutions,” Bob Therres, the city’s public works director and public services manager, said in a statement.

“At this time, a number of wells and pumps are operating and beginning to move water through the system,” Therres said. “In addition, we are working to cross-connect with neighboring cities to obtain water … (and) filling water towers so limited water pressure will be available soon.”

According to state guidelines covering such situations, residents should bring drinking water to a full, rolling boil for one minute and then allow it to cool before using it.