Staples-Motley School District Superintendent Mary Klamm submitted her letter of resignation to the Staples-Motley School Board following Monday night's board meeting.

Klamm has worked in education for 38 years, she said, and decided it was an opportune time to retire. She has spent the past two years as superintendent in Staples-Motley. Prior to that, she served as superintendent in the Menahga School District for six years.

Klamm's resignation is effective June 30, but she said she'd be open to staying in the position past that date if the school board hasn't found a new superintendent by then.

"June 30 isn't like an absolute deadline day," Klamm said. "I'd certainly help and support them in any way that I could."

There will be a special school board meeting at 7 a.m. Monday to accept Klamm's resignation and decide on the hiring process for a new superintendent, board chair Mary Freeman said. Freeman was mildly surprised by Klamm's resignation, she said, but not shocked.

Klamm is a pioneer in education, Freeman said, and is focused on the future. Klamm is focused on the best interest of students, Freeman said, due to her time in the classroom.

"She very much is concerned about students becoming responsible and respectful of all the technology we have today at our fingertips," Freeman said.

Klamm taught in elementary school classrooms for 20 years before spending nine years in education consulting. She spent a year as a high school principal before becoming a superintendent.

"I've kind of been all over," Klamm said.

Klamm won't be retiring from education entirely, she said. She'd like to still work in education in some capacity, she said, just not as a superintendent.

"Probably ease into something a little different, but still in education," Klamm said. "That's where my expertise is."