Pequot Lakes Police Chief Klang graduates from FBI academy


Pequot Lakes Police Chief Eric Klang, along with 221 other law enforcement officers, graduated Friday from the FBI National Academy Program in Quantico, Va.

The 270th session of the national academy consisted of men and women from 49 states. Included in the class are members of law enforcement agencies from the District of Columbia, 20 international countries, three military organizations and four federal civilian organizations.

The National Academy Program offers 11 weeks of advanced communication, leadership and fitness training for selected officers with proven records of professionalism within their agencies.

President Donald Trump, along with FBI Director Christopher Asher Wray and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, addressed the graduation ceremony. Trump is the first president to speak at the graduation since 1969.

Since 1972, national academy students have been able to earn undergraduate and graduate credits from the University of Virginia due to the accreditation by the university of the many courses offered. Class spokesperson Craig Wiles, of the Drug Enforcement Administration in New Orleans, represented the graduating officers.

A total of 50,587 graduates now represent the alumni of the FBI National Academy since it began in 1935.

In a press release, Klang thanked the community for its support and the Pequot Lakes Police Department employees for keeping daily operations running smoothing in his absence. Klang stated he looks forward to sharing the knowledge and experience he gained by attending the FBI National Academy.

Klang has been the Pequot Lakes police chief since May of 2011.