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Hoax shooting threat rattles BHS students

An apparent shooting threat made toward "bhs students" spread rapidly among Brainerd High School students late Thursday night, prompting response from the police chief.

Brainerd Police Chief Corky McQuiston called the threat not credible in a 9:30 p.m. news release Thursday. The release came after a number of reports concerning the anonymous threat distributed through Snapchat, the mobile messaging app.

The alleged threat, which included a screenshot of a cellphone held by someone, read: "ATTENTION all bhs students prepare too (sic) see my wrath tomorrow ... hahaha you all (expletive) up. I'm going to be the next to go down in history you SCUMS ... (expletive) you all bhs, I dare you to go to school tm (tomorrow) ... I want to see how many people I can take with me."

The message went on to state the anonymous attacker would seek revenge by bringing an AR-15 in a duffel bag.

McQuiston said through investigation, law enforcement learned an identical post was received in other areas of the country with schools sporting the same "BHS" initials.

In fact, the Valencia County New-Bulletin, based in Belen, N.M., reported Thursday a 16-year-old student at Belen High School admitted to posting the original threat.

Jonathan Flores told police he created a new Snapchat account to share the threat, adding he did it to see "what kind of response he would get from the school and law enforcement."

The threat forced a two-hour late start at the New Mexico school, and law enforcement searched the campus.

The version of the threat distributed locally urged to "try for the school to not have school tomorrow," according to a screenshot provided to the Brainerd Dispatch.

"Who's concerned?? Yea I'm not gonna goto (sic) school tomorrow," the post continued.

McQuiston said his department had no reason to believe the threat was credible or directed at Brainerd High School.

"Officials will continue to investigate this matter work to determine the origin of the threat and an increased presence of police is planned for the Brainerd High School on Friday, (Feb. 23)," the release stated.

Anyone with information regarding this is asked to telephone the Brainerd Police at 218-829-2805.