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Tech Savvy: iPad Pro

The iPad Pro 10.5-inch screen offers room to multi-task with a split screen and write with the Apple Pencil to take notes or sketch. Renee Richardson / Brainerd Dispatch

When Apple added a midsize 10.5-inch iPad Pro, I knew it was just the right fit and finally time to upgrade.

Beyond just a tablet, the iPad Pro functions more like a small laptop. For some, the larger screen may be what they want for one of the iPad Pro's best options, a split screen. But the split screen works well in the 10.5 size. For those used to working in several screens at the same time, this ability offers increased flexibility and productivity. It makes the iPad Pro even more able to handle a work load on top of the ease it provides for surfing, streaming and posting.

On the midsize, it's still a great option to work in two documents, or be writing in one and searching the web in another without being forced to revert to tabs and going back and forth.

The iPad Pro also supports the Apple Pencil. I wasn't sure I'd need the Pencil, but it's been a nice feature for everything from to-do notes to drawing. There is just something that links the thought process by having a writing utensil in hand when writing things down. And it eliminates the frustration of trying to be precise with a blunt fingertip.

The iPad Pro is so lightweight at 1.03 pounds, it's a nice break after spending much of the workday already tied to a desktop or laptop computer. Combined with Apple TV, it can mirror what's on the iPad right to the TV screen. Costs depend on how much memory is needed, ranging from an entry $329 to $799 and more options from there.

The iPad Pro includes a 12 megapixel rear camera and 7 megapixel front camera. The resolution is crisp and eye-catching with a 120-hertz refresh rate. For those doing a lot of typing or keyboarding, a bluetooth keyboard may make life easier. The iPad Pro delivers on providing a platform for work and play in one appealing and easy to use tablet. It makes it easy to put together reports, graphics, photos, videos, doodle, draw, paint, scan documents, sign and email contracts, edit photos, convert handwritten notes to type and then share them with other people to collaborate on projects—even family reunion plans. And this week, Apple announced a $299 9.7-inch screen iPad for students and a $329 iPad for other users that incorporates the Pencil.